BC and AD Before and after...JESUS. Can you explain why our time works around HIM

    They Nailed Him to a cross to stop Him but even the unbeliver and those who hate Him have to use the words Before Christ and After Christ (AD)What are the chances of anyone in history having time revolve around them. Its not BBB or ABB...( Before Big Bang or After Big Bang)

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    He was not anyone he is THE one....:)


    You are right. My point was that He is The Lord. Even the unbeliver has to say AD and BC.


    What an impact Jesus made. At the time those who rulled this world crusified Jesus yet modern time started with Him. Papa peg. you are right. Not many have any answers to this one

    papa peg

    Wow the non believers are slow on this question.Because they know you're right.

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    Because He is the only One that matters!!!

    eggplant ...Try going to your Bank, Hospital,School,University,shops,car reg,etc...See what calendar they use. Also this site you enjoy uses the same Calendar as me. You may not agree with me and thats ok but why the TD.
    Must be because He is the Son of God, how else would time revolve around Him? Even the richest man in the world couldn't pull off such a big recognition like this...

    those who dont accept Jesus also take Jesus out of Christmas and replace Him with an X. They will never change the fact time revolves around Him


    Actually it was the Christian faith that put the X in Christmas. I did the research and posted it somewhere.

    Can no Big Bang believers answer this question


    What's Big Bang have to do with the question?


    what does the big bang have to do with Jesus. He was born long after the big bang and died long before most of the world saw him as the son of god


    Because its the Big Bang people who try to prove there was no jesus. The BC and AD proves there was

    We also use CE and BCE (Commone Era / Before Common Era)


    What you got against Jesus?


    People followed the idea just like they follow the idea of God. We're unable to cure world hunger nevermind try and change time designation. When a set idea has gone on for this long it's nearly impossible to change.


    All I'm saying is that there is another name for it other than the Christian one.


    I don’t have anything against "him", I just have a hard time believing a lot of the stuff written about him.


    what is the date between ce and bce you may change the name but the fact of CHRIST is still there

    Headless Man

    The numbering of years using Common Era notation is identical to the numbering used with "Before Christ/Anno Domini" (BC/AD) notation, 2011 being the current year in both notations and neither using a year zero. Common Era is also known as Christian Era and Current Era.


    But whatever it is called it still refers to Our Lord


    Ashigh 16, you are correct. Modern day scholars and writers use CE and BCE. I'm afraid the church will never change on this issue. And let us not forget the millions who use the lunar calendar. No christians you don't own this one.

    It was so because Christians had an unhealthy power over the workings of the humanity as we know it, such as with the calendar, and what you just mentioned. The church was the law, and that governed science at the time. At some point, science departed from religion and changed dramatically. Christians demanded dominion in all things, upon pain of death. Hence, the dark ages.

    Maybe because the Christian faith designed it to work around him so people would believe he is God? As been pointed out, religion ruled the world then. The faith has made billions off his name. Even the calendar companies make oodles of money off this religion. Great marketing ;)
    Other religions use their own calendars. Bet you didn't know that sir.

    Because it was the turning of an unique Age (Ages 2160 yrs each) the passing Age of the Lamb, Capricorn, and the birth of the New Age of Piscs the fishes, which also now another 2160 yrs is passing, to give birth to yet another New Age Aquarius. WE are now in the dawning of Aquarius.

    Christ is a myth. The calendar was created by man.

    Headless Man

    Sure, the calender was made around a myth, not the most important GOD/man that lived. NOT likey. Love, Randy


    You will meet Him some day.

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