Can Science create life and can this life have a brain, heart, mind, feelings? IMPOSSIBLE

    We hear so much about how life began. Please explain in your opinion if science could produce a Big Bang and life would start. I say impossible. It needed God to Set all this in place

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    In history many things seemed impossible - flying, landing on the moon, answering questions on akaqa.
    Never say never...


    I wonder why he stopped making these appearances....

    Headless Man

    Because, Jesus name has power. Love, Randy


    Another impossible thing was rising from death but Jesus did it and appeared to over 500 people


    Because He went to be in Heaven . He said 'I go to prepare a place for you'

    no, science cannot create life, it can create a similar thing, like a robot, but then again that's not life, that's a really small imitation of a human being, science can never create a PERFECT life like a human being, like animals like plants, it can do similar things, mixing genes and stuff, but then again that's not creation of a new thing, it's a development of the original. God created a perfect human being from clay (dirt) , now tell me, how can science create such from clay, they're not god, they can only imitate the creation, but never the creator.


    I gave you a Thumb up for that. Creation and only Creation

    God created man by His powers and He loved his creation. It is thus has given man all of His power to create, else man would have created nothing (nooo cell phones, nooo cars etc lol), but would have remained an animal, the man "kind" of animal. This power God did not give to any other on this world, for no other animal has it. This power is the Spiritual power of thought, which is creative, which in turn allows man to be creative in the material world. If you know anything about God you must know, God works in myserious ways. He has given his sons all power, evidenced by mans creations. Therefore if man creates Life from his sciences, then so be it from the will of God, for having given man such power of mind to evolve and express creation. I will embrace any sentinent (self-aware) creation. For Gods Image if we must an image, is the Presence of all that is Spiritual Good whatever it may be in its many colors and shapes, for all of Gods works are Good. The earth is a testament to Gods many ideas of Himself but only one has specie the power of Gods almighty Spirit. Your mind set would seem to be locked up in the ignorant days of Slavery, when Black men were considered animals, just because their skin was a different color. Think carefully, ponder your the thought or a thing before you make your loud declarations, that you may discover something meaningful to yourself and uplifting to others. :)


    . . . one specie has the power . .

    Please explain how God speaks a word and the earth is created. Please explain how a thought is formed and the universe is manifested. Please explain how it all began even though none of us can remember or witnessed such a thing. We can only be aware and conscious of now, and ourselves to understand how the universe breaths. Science didn't create anything; science is a subject divided in to many categories to create a field of experts and power. Rank, and badge. Although science used to be about philosophy.


    It's too much for the logical mind yes.. this is why we have an imagination. The imagination is not limited, it is a portal to the spiritual realm. There really is no reason to dwell on a big bang unless you are threatened by scientists and believe they have some kind of power over the truth.


    I cant explain. If I could I would be God. Remember my question was. Can you explain how all this came from a big bang. If a big bang then what caused the bang, what was before the bang etc. Its all too much for the human mind

    Scientist have already created cloned a life.I think that the clones have a brain heart mind and feelings.But I don't believe they have a spirit.Scientist have labatorys and what ever they need to do this.But GOD created man from dust and then breathed life into him.I would like too see a scientist do that.


    I've read what you wrote 3 times now, with an open mind, and it still sounds absolutely ridiculous to me. Human life was created from dust and someones breath .... Oy vey.


    it's water vapor and ice.. three states of being. Star dust yes, in three different states. All living beings have the stuff souls are made of, but certainly different levels of power. A cloned being would definitely not contain as much love energy to produce spiritual genetics.. life must contain life energy.. but it can grow.

    cogito ergo sum

    we are made from stardust since we are made from the same atoms as stars are.


    Ashligh you say it is ridiculous that God created us from dust. Tell us what you think we are made of. This is your chance

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