What is the purpose of money?

    To conserve natural resources. If everybody had money and lots of it , we would use up the earths natural resources very quickly, and pollute it even more

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    Money is a wonderful tool used to help meet your needs, wants, and obligations. To help others and  to share with others.


    lovely answer Pamela :)

    Thanks, Mel!

    "If you had lots of money . Give it to cancer (hospice hospitals (Kidney machines dialsis(heart machines pocket size heart "Moniter."Not one bit of Earths resources used up.


    absolutely, that money allready exists. To print enough money to satisfy everybody needs, wants, would be a waste of the earths natural resources. The more commodity such as gold the country has set aside, affects the monetary system. By the way, did you see where the biggest find of minerals, gold platinum, silver, etc. was just discovered , Afghanistan. Estimated i think 1 trillion. dollars.

    every one needs money to support your needs but I think every one has to tighten thier belt with the way the economics are today good question

    A means of payment not everyone can pay the doctor with a pie or a chicken anymore.

    watch it grow or watch it go, money is a tool if used properly!

    Lost my house, my car, dont now ask my x-wife that.

    "Hi Zorro got your point "Oh ijust came with that yes my friend ,i see what you are getting at .All the "Dowsa

    Have you been talking to OBAMA ZORRO

    The purpose of money is to be able to GET NEW THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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