Have you Prayed for a specific thing and God gave it to you. What?

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    I've prayed for simple things and serious things GOD hasn't answered all, yet.
    I will give you a simple one here to show you how GOD cares for us if we just ask.
    I was looking for a special tool in my shop, I though I knew where it was, so I go look, an hour go's buy and no tool. Wife calls me for lunch and I'm telling her how I can't find this tool and am getting flustered. She said did you pray? I finished my meal and started to the shop again, praying on the way. I walked in went to a shelf I had check at least 3 times and there it was right in front of me. Thank you GOD for answering prayer. Love, Randy


    Wow you know what.. I do pray for silly things... i just never thought of it as prayer.. I talk the Jesus all the time... Jesus help me find a way give me stregth... and then there are the prayers Inever prayed... Thank you Jesus for that refund check thank you for keeping that virus out of our home... . Thanks for bringing that to mind Randy!


    I work with tools as well. Loose them all the time. God helps me every day. The others will laugh but we know better


    Dont you just love it when a prayer comes together Amen:

    When i first became a beleiver my only prayer was to have peace. He gave me "peace that passes understanding... all else is in his hands. I dont pray for spacifics I pra for HIS will.


    I gave you a thumbs up for that

    Yes the first time that really impacted my life was when my Stepfather was dieing in the hospital. I was only about 12 years old and he was the only father I had ever loved and respected.

    I prayed that I wouldn't have to be in the hospital room when he died because I just couldn't handle it at that time. One of his brothers was there from out of town and had to to pick up his other brother from the airport. Well my Mom asked me if I would go and I agreed to guide my uncle to the airport, never suspecting that my Dad would die before I got back to the hospital, the airport was close and my uncle was waiting for us.

    We got there in about 20 minutes and my other uncle was on the pay phone, we said hurry up we have to get back there if you want to see him before it's to late, and I noticed he had a strange look on his face. He hung up the phone and said it's to late, he has already passed away.

    I was shocked my heart felt like it had dropped to my knees, and then I remembered my prayer about not wanting to see my Dad die. That was the first time I realized that God was real and He answers prayer. He knew what was best for me and took my Dad in his perfect timing. I didn't want to loose him to cancer and was mad at God for years after that, but later came to terms with it.

    God knows better than me and I just have to accept what happens in my life and try to grow through tough experiences.


    I feel your pain Leeroy,it's a tough thing to have to let go.My cousin was murdered just a few blocks away from my home on 02-14-2009,his killer has not been found yet,I struggle daily with trying to forgive the man that took his life,he left behind 4 daughters and his mom and dad and a sister,I really miss him and his infectious smile.


    Thumbs up tami, I can relate, when I have a difficult time forgiving someone, I ask God to help me forgive, hope you get some closure.

    I once was in a dangerous situation and had to walk past a crowd of nasty youth. I had no choice. I prayed for Gods protection and also repeated the words...Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thow art with me....I walked between them and I was unharmed. This was a very dangerous situation because they had a bad reputation for robbing people.

    I can honestly say Jesus always answers my prayers, when I don't know how that light or gas bill is going to get paid,he always makes a way and it gets paid,when my car broke and I wasn't in the position to get a new one,he made a way and a new one sits in my driveway,when one trys to hurt me,he engulfs me with protection and they never accomplish anything.I do all things through Jesus,and when I feel like I cant take it anymore,I give it to god,Thank you Jesus for your love,I'm nothing without you.

    Yes I prayed for strength. I was alone in a state with no family going through a divorce, it was Thanksgiving Day in the 2001 and my kids were with their father and his family for the day. I had been married for 13 years and I was alone for the first time. We had separated before but I always took him back. I got on my knees and prayed for strength and guidance, I wanted to do what was best for my kids. Tears came to my eyes and the warmth that I felt was amazing, I did not take him back and I had the strength to stick up for myself. I did not let him or his family bully me anymore. I am thankful for the strength and guidance he gave me. Some think I just had enough but I know how I felt that day and I never felt they way before or since then it was an amazing feeling that really can not be described.


    Thanks for that. It may help others who read this

    Yes I have and God give it to me and the WHAY is between God and I sorry but that part is private


    fare enough. thumbs up

    Felicia,I can really relate to your story,I to was in a bad marriage for ten years,I continued to take him back after all his tumultuous affairs,every year he had a different woman,I tried for so long and prayed for strength, but while praying, I felt Jesus's voice vibrate through my soul and tell me that it was ok now, but that I needed to move on.I listened to that voice,and I have been remarried to a wonderful man,who is faithful and loves me, for almost four years now,we have a son,and he is good to my two children from my first marriage.I'm so glad you found the strength through God to move forward.God bless you.

    I prayed for my Mother's health to be restored and her to live. She is well and with me these 12 years.

    i prayed to god to get rid of all religion on our planet and look how SHE answered my prayers.


    If you want to be sarcastic,why answer at all? I guess you can't win em all,but I have no patience for a non believer.


    cogito ergo sum
    God Created you, He loves you, He calls out to you. Keep an open mind.


    They just have not needed a gift from god yet so they don't believe
    Don't you just love it when the nay sayers convert

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