In the recent case where a Pharmacutical CEO's 6 year old son died last weekend, by falling down a flight of stairs, and then the dads girlfriend was found dead by hanging tow days later, Her feet and hands were bound and she portortadley hung herself from the upstiair balcony, naked, and the 13 year old son cut her down; my question is this: how does one bound them selfs and then succesfully hang themselves? And why? Well that's a retorical queston bu her family haid it was in now a=way sucisi

    Psychologically, 13 yr olds aren't capable of thinking like adults.  They don't reason, nor do they thnk of the conquenses.  They tend to react to emotions way more than logic.  Hence, i think this kid witnessed this fall, push, call it what u will, and then hung her. FYI  the 13 yr old found her and cut her down...what do u guys think, i am intriguied with this case...the father has been cleared of any wrong is considered a very suspicious death, as it should be...any theories? 

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    the dad was cleared, was at his sons bedside as he lay dying after she pushed him down stairs which 13yr old witnessed.

    If her feet and hands were bound she could not have hanged herself from the balcony. The whole thing is very suspicious..I am sure the police are working on it. As for the 13 year old, he would not be strong enough to do it.What a crazy story.

    Looks suspicious. Maybe the dad really did it. How could a 13yr old do it, he would not be strong enough?

    Or the 13 year old accidentally pushed the little brother off the balcony and the dad's girl friend found out and threatend to report the death to the father.  The 13 year old then killed the dad's girl friend in order to silence her.

    i totally agree, psychologically they aren't capable of thinking like adutls, w/you i agree, and my theory is exactly like yours.  I haven't heard anything in reguards to toxocially, autoposy, nada.  Has anyone heard anything abouth this case that is up to date?

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