Do you agree that smoking is banned in public places

    Is it banned in the US as it is in the UK

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    It is great since they banned smoking in public areas. I have not breathed any smoke for a long time. Yes smoking is a choice but only the smoker should take the risk.

    And where do you supposed I am going to be able to smoke, sir?  I AM always in public!


    Obviously the problem is in the secondhand smoke that the nonsmokers are forced to breath in when they are near a smoker.

    Fact: Secondhand smoke has been classified by the EPA as a Class A carcinogen.

    Fact: Secondhand smoke has 2X as much tar and nicotine per unit volume than the smoke which is inhaled through the cigarette. 3X as much cancer causing benzpyrene, 5X as much carbon monoxide, and 50X as much ammonia.

    Mayo clinic- August 1997

    The choice to smoke is, and always will be, up to the individual, but when a smoker knowingly or unknowingly puts MY health at risk, then I have too voice my opinion. Keep smoking OUT of public areas!

    I'm against smoking. I mean, my great-uncle died from lung cancer, which resulted from smoking. If people want to smoke, that's their opinion, but honestly, they should smoke away from everyone who doesn't like smoking or isn't currently, especially if they want to quit. The fumes don't control where they go. The smoker does. They should go smoke in a bar where no one cares, or in an abandoned field, where no one goes. Did you know every time you smoke one cigarette, 11 minutes of your natural death life is cut? Also, a smoker has 10 times more wrinkles than a non-smoker on average. I partly agree, because in some public areas, people may smoke, but more often, there's a no smoking sign in front.

    Problem is with smoking it isnt just the person smoking who is getting the fumes, it is worse since the ban in pubs etc as they just stand outside in big groups if you dont smoke it is horrendous, and they should have a room to smoke so other people dont breathe it in when they dont want to,

    I only agree because I don't like cigarette smoke but, I don't like the fact that it takes a persons freedom to smoke when they feel they need to. I liked the designated smoking area rule, where at least smokers could go to a certain area to do their business.

    I understand the health risks, but its their body's and they can, and should have the right to fill them with smoke, if that's what makes them happy.


    But they dont have the right to fill my lungs with their second hand smoke

    It should not be banned. In the US it is banned in a few city's. The cell phone people walk around with, water most drink, food most eat and the chemtrails made up of aluminum oxide, barium, and pathogens are much worse but they (media, government) don't talk about that. The smoking ban is in the control section, training people to obey (do as we say we're "experts", so for your own good we're making it a "law"). But is it for your own good if your trained to "don't think just do"? What experts? The one's writing the book on programming people to become domesticated (like catttle) that are paid by tax money to sit in a think tank and study human herd mentality. Do what you want to.


    I understand where you're coming from but people walking around with cell phones, water, food etc dont force you to use their cell phone, drink their water or eat their food. When a smoker is smoking in a public place non-smokers are forced to breath in all those chemicals. **And please don't reply to this saying "well hold your breath" :p


    Its not only the outdoors that people smoke publicly. I live in Canada, so I'm lucky they banned any smoking of any kind in all indoor public places.

    Ms Sinclair

    Industrial pollution probably does more damage to your lungs than someone smoking a cigarette in an outdoor environment. Why isn't more done about that?

    The truth is simple; if the government does not profit from it, then they demonize it. I'm not saying that cigarettes are good and healthy, but here in Canada our government sells cheaper booze, and has a monopoly on gambling.. they don't sell cigarettes though so that becomes demonized.. same with marijuana.

    Roger Wico were you referring to smoking cigarettes of the bible? The comments you made fit in wth the so called word of God "Do it my way or else"

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