Would you like your problem prayed for? It does work

    God hears our prayers and I have faith that He answers us

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    IF you are praying here is my list....
    my family lost of German Shepard 1 week before Christmas, we lost our 2 year old pomeranian yesterday (she was our BABY) this would not be so tramatic if my dad did not have end stage lung cancer and has approx. 6-8 weeks. My Brother is Stationed in Japan. Our friends wife died on Tuesday they just adopted an infant 2 years ago. Other less important things are reaking havock on my family, GOD knows everything. PLEASE PRAY!

    ole hipster

    Bless your heart girl,,life has so many tragedies and it seems like it always comes in threes. I'm really not much at all about religion but I'll say my own little personal prayer for your Dad..I know what stage he's in..just be there for him & keep talking to him...even if you think he can't hear you, he will...I know simply because I was with my parents when they passed & they both knew I was there! (:

    ole hipster

    I hope truly that your Bro has made it back to the states...keep on keeping seem like a strong individualo

    yes He does! If we diligently seek Him and do His will!! Be blessed my friend!


    I give you a thumb up for that

    To Jenn... I wrote this poem for you dad. Please read it to him

    Close your weary eyes, sense His peace
    Captive in your pain, He can make it cease
    Trust in the Healer, feel the warmth of His touch
    He stretched out His arms, said 'I love you this much'

    When all feels pointless and you feel there is no hope
    Talk to the Shepherd, He will help you to cope
    Can you think of another so faithful and true
    He whispers your name, yes that name is you

    If you walk through the valley of worry and fear
    You can rest in His promise, 'I will always be near'
    His Word and His love, they will comfort you
    So rest now my friend, ' I will carry you through'


    Thank you so very much I will... He grow up a country boy skipping church and going to the fishing hole. (a real huck finn) He has always known about Jesus but he is so hungry know HIM. I could not ask for more.


    Jenn. I promise we will pray for you dad each day. You have made my day because I love to encourage those who are sick. God Bless

    johnboy GOD created a beautiful world.And then he created man.And then he destroyed man except for Noah and his family.Then they tried again and man messed up again.But next time he wont mess up.


    papa we cant convience those with a closed heart we can only lead by example.... We my be the only bible they ever see.


    They watch God through us.

    The act of prayer works even without the help of the doctrinal God.. The reason it's effective in church is because many people participate and they believe that it works. I just wish we could achieve this without religion to justify it.

    Then pray that all the fighting in the world will stop....and pray that there won't be another earth quake, any where, so thousands of lives are not lost..after all your God created the earth..ask him to fix it...that shouldn't be too much to ask surely.

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