Can you write a funny four or five line poem? CLEAN all good efforts will get a thumb up

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    There once was a girl from Nehigh
    Who thought she saw pie in the sky
    but when she looked down
    she saw on her gown
    the remains of a bug that flew by


    Yep Volcane. My mistake. Not thinking

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    A fart is a pleasant thing...
    It gives the belly ease...

    It warms the bed in winter...

    And suffocates the fleas.

    A fart can be quiet...

    A fart can be loud...

    Some just leave a powerful...

    and Poisonous cloud

    A fart can be short...

    Or a fart can be long...

    Some farts have been known...

    To sound like a song.....

    A fart can create...

    A most curious medley...

    A fart can be harmless...

    Or silent...and deadly.

    A fart might not smell...

    While others are vile...

    A fart may pass quickly...

    Or linger for a while...

    A fart can occur...

    In a number of places...

    And leave everyone there...

    With strange looks on their faces.

    From wide-open prairie...

    To small elevators...

    A fart will find all of...

    Us sooner or later.

    That farts are all bad...

    Is simply not true...

    We must never forget...

    Sweet old farts like you!

    Kinda brings a tear to your eye...right?


    Glad most farts are shorter than youe poem lol. I kept my word. A thumb up for you


    Four or five lines. wow

    You may find me ugly, why must this be?

    I came just to teach you, of love can't you see?

    Although you may listen, and some of you not.

    You'll have to find me, alone in your thought.

    I brought you salvation, you gave me a tree.

    To hang on and die, my love is for thee.

    So if you accept me, there will be a place,

    to live life eternal, in love, in God's grace.


    I love it. Thanks


    Sorry it wasn't that funny, was it.

    There once was a painter named Saint
    Who swallowed some samples of paint
    All shades of the spectrun
    Flowed out of his rectum
    With a colorful lack of restraint!

    Here you go my friendindeed...

    There was once a man named McPhee

    Who was stung in the balls by a bee

    He made oodles of money

    Oozing pure honey

    Every time he attempted to pee!

    Itty, Bitty, Mighty Moe

    Catch Anybody by the toe

    If they holla, let them go

    Itty, Bitty, Mighty Moe

    **Jenny Jenny swallowed my Penny.

    Down her stomach it went.

    Though she doesn't remember...

    She still owes me a CENT. ;)**

    Although I tried to wright

    I only saw a page of white

    Without a thought

    I could not think

    I had to write

    or I would stink

    With all my might

    I tried and tried

    But in the end

    my dog walked by

    and brought with him

    a nice big smile

    and so I go

    to smile back

    twas then he gave me

    a great big smack!

    Roger Willcoe

    I wrote this one :) but not the others :(


    Roger willcoe. Thanks for all the thumbs up...What came over you lol

    Three old men on the golf course,

    (Each had trouble hearing well)

    Were playing a round on a breezy day,

    When one blew over and fell.

    "Windy, isn't it?" said one of them,

    While helping the other to rise.

    "No, it's Thursday," said the second man.

    And they walked off to exercise.

    The third man had listened intently;

    Now he chimed in, with good cheer;

    As he followed the others, he called out,

    "So am I. Let's have a beer!"


    What was that again?

    Twinkle toes
    tripped over the track
    and into the truck
    tripped twinkle toes.

    You know what is funny
    The word funny is funny
    Funny things will make you laugh until you hold you tummy


    The three legged dog lifted his knee,

    but how could it happen, pee on a tree?

    Fond memories of marking my territory,

    lessons I've learned, but legs only three.

    So I tried to aim, with all of my might,

    to stand on front legs, was my new fight.

    Then finally it happened, a hand stand to pee,

    Who would of thunk it, with legs only three?

    There was a young man called McHall
    Who went to a fancy dress ball
    He dressed as a tree,
    But he failed to foresee
    His abuse by the dogs in the hall

    There once was a fly on the wall
    I wonder why didn't it fall

    Because its feet stuck

    Or was it just luck

    Or does gravity miss things so small?

    The incredible Wizard of Oz

    Retired from his business becoz

    due to up-to-date science,

    To most of his clients,

    He wasn't the Wizard he woz.

    Come on vote for the good ones and for a great questian

    After eating baked beans one day
    It was up to my friends to pay
    They ran holding their noses
    Did not smell like roses
    Now they are all far away


    <a href="/users/2297/friendindeed/">@friendindeed</a> - Your friends ran, b/c you were full of s___. lol!!!

    Ms Sinclair

    Now Pamela- That was funny. lol

    Don't ever ask a centipede
    to play a game of soccer.
    Remember, he has 50 pairs
    of sneakers in his locker.

    He dribbles 50 soccer balls
    with 50 pairs of shoes,
    and kicks them all concurrently.
    He doesn't often lose.

    He's such a fierce competitor
    that, if you ever meet,
    at first you'll see his hundred legs
    and then you'll see defeat.

    i didn't write this by the way :)

    As soon as Fred gets out of bed

    His underwear goes on his head.

    His mother laughs “Don’t put it there,

    A head’s no place for underwear!”

    But near his ears, above his brains,

    Is where Fred’s underwear remains.

    At night when Fred goes back to bed,

    He deftly plucks it off his head

    His mother switches off the light

    And softly croons,”Good night! Good night!”

    And then, for reasons no one knows

    Fred’s underwear goes on his toes.

    Hickory Dickory Dock

    Two mice ran up the clock

    The clock struck one

    And the other got away with minor injuries


    Then we'd have pages and pages of limericks. :)


    This would be a lot more fun if we didn't have to make them "CLEAN" :(


    smelly ones allowed


    Go for it. Its time for some fun

    Hickory Dickory Dock
    The mouse ran up the clock
    The mouse ran down
    His arse was brown
    So was the cuckoo's cock.

    This is a question for you.
    Have you ever went to the loo.
    your in a rush and dont bother to flush.
    And leave behind a bowl full of poo

    They said I have a big nose
    An end as red as a rose
    When it starts to run
    Its not much fun
    Because everyone thinks its a hose


    O I love that one

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