We hear on this site that the Aliens made us..WHO THEN MADE THE ALIENS ?

    This is now your chance to explain where you came from

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    God did, but not the Jesus/God. Jesus is a particle of God, just like every soul in existence is a particle of God. From whence we came, we shall return, all of us. Biblical sinners included.

    God, (not the Jesus/God) made the cave men and dinosaurs too. How come the bible doesn't mention them? Don't worry about this question, it's another topic. I'll just google to see what the other Christians say about it.


    Not as you say (the Jesus God) Jesus is God. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Three in One. The same as Water, Steam and Ice. Also three in one

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    I believe that God made us.

    Some newer theories of creation are that we were seeded by aliens, because so many scientists no longer accept evolution, they have come up with a new theory that would be more likely than evolution. The really strange thing is they are putting their faith into intelligent design.

    God is intelligent and a creator in the Bible, it's just another word for God without the Christian God. Secular Humanism by another name is still Humanism.

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