If nothing sticks to the coating on a none stick pan how then do they get the pan to stick to the none stick stuff?

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    Orion Markham

    thats a good, but confusing question

    Headless Man

    Good but stupid question, perfect for this site.


    Just trying to give you all a laugh

    9 Answers

    My eggs stick to teflon or other 'non-stick pan' every time I fry 'em.. i think what they do is coat the metal pan with eggs then put the non-stick over that.. This is how its done, I'm positive of that.

    Eggs is the answer here.


    Yes we bought a non stick pan 2 days ago and the eggs stuck to it. I think they put the non stick stuff on back to front lol

    My wallet must have Teflon because my mony never seems to stick in it.

    well I figure that is kind of like the question of since the black box in an airplane is considered indestructable then why not make the airplane out of the same material?????

    I call my wife's purse the black box. Cant get into it lol

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    The upper side is the non stick side, whereas the bottom of the non stick is as sticky as hell and sticks to the pan. Also it is fused onto the metal. by means of heat. more that a hot plate when cool each side has a reverse effect

    Scientifically speaking, Teflon will not chemically bond to anything, but can be forced mechanically into small nooks and crannies. This slippery substance adheres to their surfaces once manufacturers sandblast them to roughen them, apply a primer, and embed the Teflon into the primer. just case some one really wants to


    Thanks and TU for you

    that is a need to know question--and you dont really need to know


    I do need to know. I want to buy some of the glue they use lol

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