Vaccination...Pro or Con?

    With all of the debate about the safety of vaccinations vs. their benefits...where do you stand?

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    Well the only vaccines I get every year are the ones for flu and I think now the one for pneumonia is every 3 years? not sure, but I do get those and I find that I do not get sick near as much or often especially with flu, colds, bronchitis, etc.

    ole hipster

    FYI Darci, pneumonia vaccine is good for 10 years according to my Doc. Nice, huh?!

    I imagine it all depends on the type of vaccine. Most pediatric vaccines have proven their merit. As far as flu and pneumonia I had both and have not been ill either from the vaccine or the maladies. It might just depend upon each individual

    Children's vaccines are proven and are extremely safe and effective to the patients. Vaccines for polio and small pox virus nearly wiped out these horrible disease. It was when people stopped getting their kids these vaccines did these poor children become infective with these preventable diseases.
    The only concern I would have with a vaccine is if a new one just came out onto the market. All though very welled studied, it is impossible to replicate the shear population variance in clinical trials. For the vast majority of vaccines, it would be more of a tragedy not to give the vaccine rather than giving it to them.

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