When sick or in trouble do you pray for help?

    Prayer is a big part of my life. It works because He hears me

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    Even when we pray with all our hearts, God sometimes doesn't  answer our prayers. 

    We will never understand His great plans for us.  Best we can ask for is the wisdom to try to under his ways.


    The question is, when in trouble, what is the response time?




    that is so good lol

    The cat say...I'm walking by faith, not by sight... lol!

    i pray no matter if im in trouble or not. if im not praying for guidance im praying to praise or fellowship wit my Lord

    I am glad that it seems to work for you,,of couse where you'd say god answered i'd suggest the act of praying focused your mind on it n thats where your help came from.Main thing is it works for you thats what counts


    Sometime there are things that are out of our controll and prayer is what helps. Jesus said'When in trouble call on Me and I will answer you.

    No wouldnt be much point in that,well not for me anyway.Nah either situation i deal with it n get on with it,its all you can do

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