Very few questions get voted up or down ...WHY

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    I think most people think they know it all and don't care for answers (like now, you probably stopped reading). Does it make you feel better when you give or receive Karma points? Most people probably feel better getting Karma points. Reinforces their feelings their knowledge base has still got what it takes and people need their opinion (and it is a good one) they are loved. Makes them feel like their somebody (a contender). Some trolls looking to piss someone off. If your like me it took along time to type your response and sometime checking your spelling so it's nice to get a little something back for your effort. :) These are all my humble opinions based on limited knowledge and are not intened to be placed of any more value than yours or anyone elses.


    Yes. It is a good way to say 'I agree with you' It not hard to tick the up or down

    ole hipster

    Great answer Roger Willcoe! Thumbs up! (:

    I wonder that same thing myself, so you have my vote!


    My vote to you as well

    I keep voting for all those I agree with and do not insult. I vote down all those that insult and offend

    were all illeagle imigrants and cant vote


    Just for one day we give you a vote. Go ahead. try it

    Why when you get a good answer or someone asks a good question do you all not give the thumbs up?

    most people vote up because their black people mostley.!



    what do you mean by this answer Jamar

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