Has anything on here ever made you change your mind about anything?

    All we seem to do is try to convince the other

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    We all like to make our point and we stick to it. After all the things talked about on this site I wonder if anyone has change their view on anything

    Well !!! Have you changed your mind about anything yet?

    I find the diversity of personalities interesting. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, who knows maybe I'll learn something.


    maybe not the sharpest knife but at least you still got a "shank"


    Perhaps not the sharpest but a blunt knife can be sharpened. All the best ed shank. I give you a TU

    The folks on here definitely make me think but change my mind? Not yet! (:

    Call me old fashioned but I think it is a true measure of a man to admit when he is wrong. I have learned from other people on this site when they have provided links that I have read, that has changed my mind

    Not really, maybe in the future. I haven't been on this site a month yet. All things in time!


    Well ole hipster your here a while now. Has any answer changed you mind about anything

    It just validates how strongly I feel about something.Changing my mind....that would be a negative.


    A ridiculous question to you may be a magnificent one to another :)


    I was just referring to general opinions and the ridiculous questions on this site.:)


    Not really. If we never changed our minds about anything then I would not be saved. There was a time when I did not believe but after reading Gods word i changed my mind.


    Ok ilovejesus

    knowledge is the seed.. the seed is planted and grows over time, spreading its branches to connect to everything it touches.. if it doesn't sprout branches then it has little use and will be forgotten.. if it's branches spread far and touches many things then this knowledge might be useful. The source is often forgotten.. because the source is less relevant, the knowledge must serve its purpose.. One person is rarely credited for 'waking' anyone up.. nor should anyone take credit, it's a personal journey, and everyone drags their own dirt with them wherever they go.. planting many seeds along the way. Everyone affects everyone they come in to contact with, or they are forgotten.

    No but sometimes it helps me open my mind and see things from another view.

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