when Cooper Hawks lay their eggs

    Northern Illinois resident have a pair of cooper hawks that have recently moved into our back yard area...I have 2 small being a puppy..just wondering when they nest and have babies???  I don't really want them as I am afraid for my puppy...


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    The best I can find is June being the latest month for them to nest. If they are hanging around it's because there is a good food supply for them in the area you live.

    Oh my!! husband and I now have 3 hawks...they are quite ticking us off actually, only cause they are so close to our home and eating all the birds.,.however, as soon as we go out with the dogs, they come and perch on nearby trees.  All 3 of them, 2 especially stay together while the 3rd is near, I want to get rid of them and don't know how.  ???any answers???


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