Can you explain how this all began. Earth/Life

    I believe this all needed a Creator. Life could not just start from nothing. What do you think

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    Headless Man

    Me too......

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    open up a bible a king james version aand start at the first book of genesis

    I am just a simple man but look how complex everything is the planet's orbit in precise mathematical precision.Life did not evolve from the sea.We did not evolve from CHIMP'S.!It take's more faith to believe in evolution and that life began as a fluke. Than in AN INTELLIGENT GRAND DESIGNER! His name is GOD love to you all


    Thank you


    Hey There,

    As a scientist I have believe God used all the science that we have learned, long before we did know it. If you look at the Big Bang Theory, it agrees with Bible in the sequence of events. I have studied so much life and events that defy doubt.
    If the earth was a little closer to the Sun, death. If it were a little too far away then death. If the moon did not exist we would be dead. If the ozone did not exist then we would be dead from UV rays. If we did not have a magnetic field then the Sun's solar winds would blow our air away and we would be dead. I must stop because there are so many other conditions that their is not enough room.
    I believe that God loves life and satan loves death and chaos. I think that we are the universe looking at itself.


    Aliens. Other aliens...

    where did they come from.What made them

    The original aliens.
    Research has shown that the Earth, the Universe and all that exists were created in ONE DAY by the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
    Those of us who have been touched by His noodly appendage are Pastafarians. Doubters are spagnostics.

    Did an atom become life? Develop a brain. Heart. Legs. Mind. Feelings etc. NEVER without a Creator

    So some think we came from a spec of dust which became life. Hit your watch with a hammer, put in a bag and shake, open the bag and throw all the bits up in the air. Perhaps it will all come together and start ticking again. SOME CHANCE. You think we are stupid. It took intelligence to Create all this

    It's real when it's fully realized. That's the universe we live in. There are conflicting dimensions. Everyone creates it, and it happens constantly, the creation is not over, that's the illusion. What you see is only 1% of the reality, as shamans say. The other 99% is the spiritual truth. Everything you see is a manifestation of spiritual truth. This is all why power over populations is more effective when you make them believe things that aren't even true. The 'creation', is happening from within you. :]

    The bible account is very accurate but widely misunderstood.
    The days of creation are not 24 hr days as crackpot theologians of the middle ages and even in the 21 century have asserted. They are not even one thousand year days or even 7,000 year days.

    But then many scientists have also put forward crackpot theories or Pseudo science.

    Archaeology is the science coming up with the facts.
    I.E. Nobody in the Middle east give much credence to evolution.
    Rather they are all competing to be the true seed of Abraham
    The City of Hebron is dominated by a Mosque containing the earthly remains of Abraham Isaac Jacob and there wives. The Mosque is under Muslim armed guard. It is one of the many issues Arabs and Jews fight about. They all claim to be the true seed of Abraham who lived some 4000 years ago and became Gods friend because of his faith and obedience. Abraham was a contemporary of Egyptian ruler Ramses I who was a decedent of Ham Noah's grandson hence Egypt is often referred to as the land of Ham and Cush.
    Please look this up on Wikipedia.

    All this information is supported in the Genesis account of creation. contrary to popular opinion there is no conflict between true science and the bible. May I suggest that you contact you local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's witnesses and ask the to provide you with their latest research on the subject of creation.

    Sincere good wishes for your diligent search.

    Life is its own creator. Every day there are new stars being born. A solar system will develop around that star through time space and energy. Scientists have even witnessed the birth of stars and I didn't hear any report of them saying there was a man or God in the blackness of space weaving together a star or a new solar system.

    We know other planets exist out there as well, we also know that these plants like our own took billions of years to form. So the bull shit story that our plant was created in 6 days is so unbelievable anyone who believes it aught to be ashamed of themselves that as a grown up you can't figure out that it is impossible for most if not all of the stories in the to have happened. Why do you think none of it happens today? Because their only stories. From making water into wine, Noah and his arc, Adam and Eve, and the creation in 6 days, c'mon man, use your heads. Wake up and take some personal responsibility and stop blaming God for good or bad. The only one that can make a difference is you and God has nothing to do with it.


    So you think we came from a spec of dust which became life. Hit your watch with a hammer, put in a bag and shake, open the bag and throw all the bits up in the air. Perhaps it will all come together and start ticking again. SOME CHANCE. You think we are stupid


    I wouldn't use stupid, I think ignorant is more fitting if you believe that our light, energy, spirit, soul or whatever you want to call it comes from some heavenly being.

    We collectively are God and we create literally without exception everything around us which includes the experiences we have.

    Aliens made us


    OK. Who then made the Aliens.

    Big bang!

    The more we search this,the more we doubt God words. And beside I wasn't here when He created the universe.There is no question to be ask only believe if you can.Is that to much to ask for?

    The big bang created God and God created the heavens and earth, and here we are

    No one, human beings, can answer this question. Simply, it's above our limit.
    Dam'nit, if only i hadn't shown my science project 'Earth' to God on that day, he had to expand it :!
    The Universe itself was and Idea in the Mind of God. So also Men, Treasured of God are but an Idea among many in that Great Conscious. The "Big Bang" first thought of "our" known Universe, among many others in many dimensions. Let it suffice to say the the power of God is His Thought, known and unknown. Both Objective and Subjective, amazing to our eyes outward and inward is the Glory of his Ideas!

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