Isnt it great that Darwin became a Christian before he died? Even he did not believe in his theory

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    Charles Darwin, the author of THE SPECIES BY MEANS OF NATURAL SELECTION in 1859 and the champion of evolution, renounced his evolutionary theory and became a Christian on his deathbed. This was reported by noblewoman Lady Hope who said she visited Darwin at his home in England at the close of his life. She described him as reading the book of Hebrews in the New Testament of the Bible. She also said that he regarded his writings about evolution to be questions that people made into a religion. Lady Hope said Darwin asked her to conduct a meeting outside a summer house he owned so he could hear the singing of the hymns. Although most of his life was clearly not religious, the truth of the matter is that on his deathbed he clearly disagreed with his own theory and thought it to be flawed. Schools and scientists tend to ignore this piece of information like it didn't even happen and only take his theory into consideration. There is just as much evidence to prove the evolution theory as there is to prove the existence of God; Charles Darwin, being the intelligent man he was obviously realised this before he passed away.


    Nice question, and congrats on reaching the Ten thousand mark. You must have a lot of great answers. I'm glad to have you here on the site, keep up the good work...

    The question of whether Charles Darwin accepted Christianity and rejected evolution is an emotional and intense one. To many Christians, Darwin is a villain who articulated a godless creation. To others, he is a brilliant hero who led the way to an enlightened view of where we came from. There are researchers and authors who have worked hard to prove and disprove any notion that he converted to Christianity, there is not enough good evidence that the story is true. We stop short of declaring it fiction, but regard it as not sufficiently proven. The report about Darwin's change of heart comes from one person, Lady Hope, an energetic Nineteenth Century Christian, while many members of Darwin's family denied it and there is nothing from Darwin's friends, colleagues, his own statements or writings to substantiate it. If Darwin did experience something so dramatic as a conversion to Jesus Christ and a complete revision of the theory of evolution that characterized his life and work, there isn't a shred of evidence of it outside of the claims of Lady Hope.

    Being religious and accepting the theory of evolution do not exclude one another. Stop being narrow minded.

    Anything that becomes a religion is done so because there is truth in it. The truth of God lies in your soul. The truth of evolution also lies in your soul. These are what religions are made of. religions to distort reality, and cause you to stop evolving spiritually, or become a spiritual slave.

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