How many hours a day do you spend on akaqa?

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    I come an go all day-- I have my laptop everywhere I go, in my office i get bored i go to a lot of sites.. I would say that I spend 2~3 hours per day but not consecutively.. I'm in and out all day..
    It's been raining for so long, I haven't got anything else left to do. Normally I'd be outside doing something but this weather really sucks lately. I've been spending about 2HRS here a day. It can be fun.
    Gee Vinney you are lucky. Read your first 6 words again and the last 6. Are you bragging. Gave me a giggle. BUT to answer the question Too long.
    For me it really varies - between 0.5-3HRS a day.
    I stay signed in and take a look now and then because I work on my computer a lot. I started with a question I needed answering for work... I had to wait a couple of days but somebody did know the answer.

    The one time I tend to stay longer than I should is late evening (in the UK) when people appear with real problems rather than questions. I lose a lot of sleep that way.
    on average i would say between 1-2 hours a day how about you volcane??
    Not nearly as many as I use to. The page is open but I'm only actively answering questions about 2 hours per day now.

    When you are around, Colleen, take a look at my answer to thyis question. I was in that situation last night, spending longer on the site... and ringing a friend for advice who studied at Sac State... than was good for me... in more ways than one! One answer to a worried student's question, which I found after I'd posted mine, was so rude, bordering on abusive, I took the responsible attitude and marked it down. It wasn't by somebody new to the site either. On balance, I think I should have reported him/her for abuse, because it was SO bad the student I had spent time, & money, doing my best to help had probably gone. I have reported what happened now but I don't know if anything has been, or will be, done.

    Which thread?
    6-8 hours

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