Its time for a For and Against vote. Do you believe in God or Not? *stand up and be counted*

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    No I don't. What kind of God would allow children to suffer. What kind of God would allow all the pain that is happening in the world right NOW....No I do not believe in God. I believe in evolution. I was brought up a Mormon and I lost it around 14 when the President had a great revelation, I won't say what it was...but after that, I just think that God is not up in the sky watching all the suffering down here. Not possible!

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    The question is fine just like what ever your answer, opinion is.
    Why vote down this question? friendindeed here is my thumbs up for your question.

    Verna Hendrickson

    My God and your God may not be the same. The God I conger up is deals with truth, forgiveness, mercy, comforter and much more. I do believe in God. All over the world God is the entity on a higher level than man. We are a weak society if we don't have a God to look to for strength. My God loves praise from me and thanksgiving and gratitude for all that I have. I love my neighbor just as I love myself. We are in the same flesh state. We are not that different.



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    When I look at the fantastic Creation all around how could we not know it took intelligence to put all this together. Thats why I believe in an all powerful GOD

    I do believe in God the Creator. To think that all humans and all other things on this Earth started from a big bang and parts of dust became life. Try exploding your watch and see if afterwards any life comes from it


    Could you place some comas between some of the words. Are you stating: "Try exploding "you" or did you mean "your" watch,simply missing the"R" key. "Try exploding you, watch and see,if afterwards any life comes from it". Who ? the you or the watch? What do you want us to explode? If I exploded myself, well then, I would not be here to watch and see anything, because my eyes would be missing. And isn't watch and see mean the same thing? So I conclude,you want us to explode our watches and see if afterwards any life comes from it Is the "it" the watch or is the"it" our body?I'm sooo confused.




    Smarty. The wor is your. The point is. We are told that all this started from a Big Bang and in time life began.

    WOW! WOW! WOW!

    What a hornets nest! OK here we go again!

    (James 2:18-19) 18 Nevertheless, a certain one will say: “You have faith, and I have works. Show me your faith apart from the works, and I shall show you my faith by my works.” 19 You believe there is one God, do you? You are doing quite well. And yet the demons believe and shudder.

    Those are the words of James the half brother of Jesus under the inspiration of holy spirit two millenniums ago. He is saying so what if you believe there is a God, even the demons believe there is a God and shudder because their works are condemned.

    What do you know of religious history? Is it not about Crusades, conquests, inquisitions, and torture if you do not conform and do what the priest says? Bible scholars burned at the stake with their bibles round their necks. What do you know about the Norman conquest and the subjugation of the Saxons in the name of Christ. Henry the eighth and his butchery of those who would not accept his self appointment as head of the C of E? History ancient and modern is drenched with the blood of Martyrs by who? by the dominant churches of Christendom no less. Compare Rev 17 v 5&6

    Now let us like good Christians look at the words of Jesus at Matt 7

    21 “Not everyone saying to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter into the kingdom of the heavens, but the one doing the will of my Father who is in the heavens will. 22 Many will say to me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and expel demons in your name, and perform many powerful works in your name?’ 23 And yet then I will confess to them: I never knew YOU! Get away from me, YOU workers of lawlessness.

    What is Jesus saying? He is saying that a very high percentage of those claiming to me Christians and
    worse still have proved themselves to be two faced hypocrites. Even worse that Atheists because the average atheist will admit that he knows that when he/she that is the permanent end to their existence. I.E. No God equals no resurrection! Two thousand year later those words still make a valid point.

    Narrow is the road to life and few are those who find it, broad and spacious is the road leading to destruction. --- Exert your self vigorously to get in through the narrow door.

    Ok. if you are good Christian believers tell me where it says that, and have I quoted correctly?

    Now, can I say a word to those fine people who believe in evolution.
    I was taught evolution it a C of E boys school 60 years ago.
    Why do I not believe it? Because it fairy story for adults. You have to have ten time as much blind faith as the gullible believers to believe that this universe was created by accident.

    Neither Archeology, the Fossil record, or the bible supports Pseudo science. Scientist are very clever people but they still cannot resurrect the dead or give anybody a hope for the future out of the dismal corrupt world we live in unless they are also doers of Gods Word as some of us are.

    Thank you for reading thus far.


    Regards, correct quote: literially, would depended upon which reference or Translation, you were quoting from, otherwise it rests in the intent of words; the metaphor, that is the key to the translating of it.

    "That" is what is Intuitive; that is a revelation comming from and heard in the hearts of men, each and individually, depending upon the level of consciousness each may or may not have attained. Therefore indeed, "wide is the road and narrow is the Gate and there be few that enter in."

    Headless Man

    Nice read.....


    Thanks for all your work in this answer

    My choice is to believe.


    darci. Its great that we have a choice and make the right one. For HIM

    without a doubt god the father, son(jesus) and holy spirit

    Yes, I not only believe I know because I have had a personal relationship with him.


    God Bless you


    Thanks Randy for your vote on The Fathers Love Letter

    yup I believe

    Since I was Saved God has changed my life and He Healed me after a serious heart attack. Praise Him


    Why would He not simply prevent the attack in the first place. That would save you all the aggravation and the hospital bills.

    I know plenty of heart attack ex-patients that are doing quite well. Most of them have never been "saved by God"
    I guess they were just lucky.

    I am glad you know people who have done well after. God has His reasons for what He does. I dont answer for Him. In my case I know He healed me and I love Him for it

    I will never deny my Father. I believe!!

    Yes I believe  the THE GOD of Abraham Issac and Jacob is real and His son JESUS! This is why JESUS was born    to become our Messiah to die in our place so please me to JESUS for He is waiting for you.""

    42 answers. Have you all said where you stand. Did anyone change there mind after reading others comments.


    I will never stop believing in God and prayer, with out, I might not be on earth. today.

    God said ' This is my Son in whom I am well pleased. Jesus was not just a man He was God the Son


    god did not say that --a book that was written by man said that , and you took that as the word of god. could be true ,maybe not ---- that is where the power of faith kicks in, in the big picture do you really know,i think not, that is where faith comes in to play

    Yes I believe in GOD.Keep asking I like answering this question.


    Hi Papa peg. You said to keep asking. Do you believe. Now you can stand up and be counted again. You are one of us


    I do believe and HE is my rock.

    With all of my heart and soul. The God of Abraham is real people.

    Bring this back up, It's funny how people haven't changed over the years, they want to believe in them selfs, the sun, the earth, the god that will not punish, reincarnation. Anything except the one true (God son wholly spirit) and that is one. Love you all.

    yep , God. Is the creator , had a son Jesus , died , rose again , will come back! Yes .. God!

    Yes I do. He radically changed my life when I accepted Him. Religious wars exist because the devil himself is doing everything he can to take you to hell with him. Christianity is the only belief that has a risen savior. He was seen by over 500 people after his death on the cross. Buddah, muhamad,ala, david coresh etc...all have grave sites.He wants to save YOU.

    I will now count the for and against and report back

    I think there is a creator/building blocks but as far as being judged by someone/thing I think thats an idea brought by man to control other men.

    Love the previous "yup I believe." On the money and represents my view.

    For those who choose not to believe in the God of Abraham and His son Jesus; be sure to know that one day you will face this rejected power. Standing before His judgement with fear vs. standing before His love and eternity in His presence.

    Do yourself a favor and consider the consequences. Besides, there is nothing like a God who knows our respective paths, and provides an inner peace that cannot be found by any other means. Truly spiritual and a very real Creator whose passion is to have mankind [you] turn and walk with Him.


    "For those who choose not to believe in the God of Abraham and His son Jesus; be sure to know that one day you will face this rejected power. Standing before His judgement with fear vs. standing before His love and eternity in His presence."

    So if on judgement day, He reads my Resume that describes me as a generally good guy who committed no bigger sin than smoking the odd non-inhaled doobie during college days and the next guy that spent most of his life in the can for drug trafficking but decided to become a believer, He would reject me for not believing and smother the jerk with "His love and eternity" ?

    I thought judgement day was all about judging past behaviour; not about club membership.
    Yes count me in. I believe
    I am new here but want to be counted with all the Christians on this site. I am a believer.

    Yes, I believe in God, since God is "All That Is", and I wouldn't be a walking, talking Human, without the operative "Soul",(the aspect of God), that when without it, the Human cannot exist. God cannot be seen, yet I believe, because I know there "does" exist "All That Is", since I can see the "All" which no Human can Create; Just as I believe I breathe, though I cannot see the air, but because my lungs are satisfied, I know I breathe...So, because my "soul" is satified, I know God exists.

    i belive but i also say you have to respect other people who belive or not that is what makes us who we are FREE choice God Bless All

    Yes, I believe in God!!!

    I believe in the almighty God creator of heaven & earth,sent His son to the world,and paid the price for our sin,so we have been save by His grace and not by work,should anyone boast.He will come again at the resurrection to judge the living & dead.
    Now that when we will know who going to heaven or hell. Not until than.So why do people say my mama or papa is in cone to heaven,are they believing in a lie?

    I don't use belief or denial to describe my relationship with our creator. Both are mental image pictures that are paraded about and proclaimed to be real. I find it childish to go about attempting to convince others and oneself also that your fragile little idol is or comes close to representing reality. Silly and preposterous. Hold a coin in your hand, use it to talk to the person represented on the coin. Proclaim it to be a communications device. Sell or lease its use to everyone as their access to whoever is represented there and tell your buyers that they alone can hear the voice coming from your device (a coin) through hypnosis. Require weekly recharging sessions and rental fee collections. The existence of God is not threatened by facts. God is not known through illusions, lies or imaginative constructs. Only Love, known from before there was time and even now is God.

    I know that I know that I know!

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