If youve been healed of anything.Tell us about it

    15 years ago I had 25% of my heart damaged after a heart attack. God healed me and I have worked and climbed mountains sinse.

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    Come on all you Christians out there. I am sure you all no a story about Gods healing Grace. Tell those who doubt what He can and will do

    I've been healed torn shoulder.Hi hadel hernia had tests done.My Pastor laid hands on me and prayed.Shoulders fine hi hadel hernia is gone Doctor has xrays.Why do people not believe they take medicine that will kill you.Watch tv you always see three or four drugs pulled from the market every couple of days.After people die from taking them i'll trust what works for me.

    I for one can say that God does heal. My grandmother had severe arthritis, bright's desease of the kidney, seizures, weight 65#'s, and nearly blind. She prayed for years to be healed. During her seizures she would have visions of relatives who had passed who told her it was not her time to pass. I, as a teenager, would listen to this and hear it as you would a one-sided telephone conversation, in amazemtent, and as tune passedm learned to ignor.

    Mother and I made weekly trips to visit...except one day she met us at the door! She said a brilliant light appeared before her and told her to arise and walk. She had not walked in years. She woke my grandfather from his afternoon nap, on the couch in the same room, and he was in shock that she had tapped him on the shoulder. She could see, her arthritis was gone and so were the seizures. She lived for several years more....a miracle? YES By God? Definetly!


    Well said. I know lots of examples of Gods healing. When I came home from the heart unit I could hardly walk but after God worked on my heart I was able to climb Scotlands Higest mountain and return to work after 3 months.

    I was diagnosed with MS. When I went to a specialist to begin treatment it was gone... If anyone is curious there were 2 MRIs (brian scans) the shows scarring. The next scan was clean.

    so you didn't have any medical attention? and you spent no time in a hospital? took no drugs? did not see any health professionals in any capacity?

    did your "god" make the original diagnosis?

    please elaborate on your claim.

    I broke my arm once! a nurse fixed it for me!

    Grit Savage

    well done for "climbing" Ben Nevis, Ive walked up and down it a few times as i have mates in Fort William.

    I take it since your heart attack and recovery you haven't changed your lifestyle? ie- eating, booze, smoking, exercise etc etc

    did you become healthy after being frightened by your painful experience?

    in most cases when peoples mortality is right in their face they change for the better!

    as you can tell I do not believe in your "god" or any gods.

    but you recovered from a life threatening ailment "with help"! so that's good.

    Grit Savage

    the joy of genetics ;-)


    Yes I was 8 days in the heart unit. I was on medication. When I came home from Hos I couldnt walk very far (a few hundred yards) I was at a Church service and I went for prayer for healing. Before this I had tests in a Hos and was told 25% of my heart was damaged. I remember when I was prayed for God telling me in my head that I was healed. From that point I never looked back. Back to full time work. Been to the top of the highest mountain in Scotland. I was 44 when I had the heart attack and that was 15 years ago.I did not go back for tests to see if the 75% was now 100% but I felt so fit.


    I was able to walk 20 mile 2 times per week and work very hard in by building business. Thanks for your comment


    Not medicine. 3 months after my heart attack I had the test and they said 25% of heart damaged. I then had prayer and came off the medication. No medication since. If they said 25% gone and I stopped my medication they how can you say medicine healed me. God healed me. The medication I took for 3 months was only to keek my blood thin to prevent another attack.


    Thanks Grit Savage. The strange thing is before my heart attack I was very fit and healthy. No booze, no smoking. It is in my family.


    sorry love thats medicine doing the heal not god


    I had a large growth on the side of my left hand. I made an unexpected visit to Knock in Ireland. Sometime later it healed. I can't explain it and nor can my doctor but I can't explain what happened. I would like to think it was a mirical but it could just as easily have been natural.


    rotten ...

    ole hipster

    What's a gangerly? Just curious.


    no love that was nature doing what it does best


    no love sorry it was natural could have been a gangerly

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