If I evolved from a Monkey what did the Monkey evolve from?

    If I evolved from a monkey like being then what did the monkey evolve from?

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    After looking at your photo, they may have evolved from

    That's funny :-)

    At least I was from a good looking monkey. Whats your excuse. lol
    Headless Man

    The wrong end of the

    You guys have me LMAO...that's what I call a good sense of humor :-)
    I did not evolve from a monkey God created me.

    Monkeys evolved from the order called primates. Primates first evolved about 60 million years ago, 5 million years after the last dinosaurs, and this was early in the Paleocene epoch. Monkeys did not appear until the Oligocene, about 34 million years ago.

    This is a common error.
    According to the evolution theory humans didn't evolve from monkeys.
    Both Monkeys and men evolved from the same primal father.


    I believe it was the Sahelanthropus, who lived 5-7 Million years ago


    I know some great foreign language sources which explain the evolution theory quite well.
    If you're really interested do some research, they have some very interesting facts although in my opinion nothing is certain yet.


    Thanks for your answer. Ok. If that is the case what did the primal father evolve from?


    Thanks again. All this makes me more sure of Creation and not evolution because we could keep going back until we evolved from a speck of dust and they we could ask. Where did the speck of dust come from.

    Your body did not evolve from the ape ancestry but from frogs. I claim frogs as our line of ascent because frogs and lemurs have opposable thumbs and apes do not.

    Thats why we are hopping
    Muslim leaders have been invited to sign an open letter declaring there is no contradiction between their faith and the acceptance of evolution. Organised by the online Clergy Letter Project the 'Imam letter' joins the 'Clergy Letter' and the 'Rabbi Letter', by which 12,725 Christian and 476 Jewish clerics have backed evolution.
    When the Moslems sign, that only leaves the Americans who still believe in a 3,000 year old myth.
    Headless Man

    Myth, back that up, OK

    Read Richard Dawkins book 'The Greatest Show on Earth'
    If that does not convince you, then continue to wallow in your ignorance and prejudice.
    I've always wondered too----If we evolved from Apes, then why are there still apes ?

    Can any of you none Creation people go back more. Human..Ape...?...?..? Right to the start.

    I asked this questian days ago and still not one has atempted to explain in there opinion without a Creator how this all started

    I just read how Darwin the creator of the evolution theory renounced his belief in it on his deathbed. Evolution became a religion, and religions exist when there is truth being concealed.
    There is truth in creation; we are all creators. There is truth in evolution; our souls evolve as we grow, suffer, and learn. All animals can evolve, but it is a conscious thing. All evolution is a conscious thing. A group of animals may evolve together and change physically, but all physical manifestations come from a spiritual/conscious truth. :]


    Darwin did not recant on his deathbed. Even the nutty creationist website does not believe this.
    I did not see any real answer to this good question. Creation is the only answer to where we came from
    Another monkey! Simple, pimple!
    i have answered a similar question about 10 minutes ago, evolution is adapting to the surrounding environment not a change in species. we certainly did not evolved from apes.--- with the exception of muslim males.

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