The price of gas and air?

    With the price gas being what it is,and now BP wants a buck for three min.of air for your tire,when does it stop.Back in the day air was free in gas stations,what happened?

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    BP not the choice for
    After learning how BP tried to insulate themselves from liability with their employees when their oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico...I wouldn't use their product anyway. Running around forcing employees to sign papers not to hold them liable doesn't say much for the company.
    But also, in all the people's lives they affected in simply making a living...and then making them jump through hoop after hoop to get reimbursed for their losses is not impressive either.
    There should be justice for all the wives and kids who lost husbands and fathers on that rig, and for all those who lost a way to support themselves.

    Why not? Every service that is provided cost. They are just taking something that is free and charging you for the pressure. You live in America greed surrounds you.

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