It has been said that we came from Apes. If so why can they not use Ape orgains for transplant?

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    This is called Xenotransplantation- it is the transplant of cells, tissues or organs between species. It commonly refers to transplants of animal organs into humans. Our closest primate is not the Apes but, are Chimpanzees.
    Experiments have been performed on transplants of bone marrow, hearts, neurons and other tissues from baboons, chimpanzees and pigs, with limited success in terms of patient survival or organ functionality. However, pig and cow heart valves are commonly used in human patients today with a good deal of success.
    It is a common misconception that xenotransplants involve animals that are most like humans, i.e. chimpanzees. In fact, chimps are endangered, expensive to raise and grow too slowly to be of use for the thousands needing transplants. Chimps are also so alike humans that the risks of transplanting an infectious virus are too high. In 1999, the FDA banned clinical trials with non-human primates. Aids has now been established to have been a chimpanzees disease passed on to us humans. Pigs are a promising doner species because their organs are similar in size to humans, they have large litters, grow quickly, and are far enough from humans on the evolutionary tree to minimize infection risks. They are also more socially acceptable by many, since many in our society also regularly consume them for food.
    Other considerations and concerns that arise from the use of animal organs include rejection issues and the risk of transmission of animal diseases to humans. The human immune system reacts violently to pig organs and pigs contain ubiquitous retroviruses which may adversely affect humans. This is under great research by many bio-tech companies which are working to resolve these and other ethics issues that contribute to the xenotransplantation debate. I hope this adequately explains and answers your question. Thank You, great question and will be giving a thumbs up for it tomorrow b/c I ran out of votes for today I believe.


    I am impressed your knowledge is impressing Thank you

    I think it is because we have not evolved from Apes but we have been created as separate species. Apes are Apes and we are humans.


    I think it takes more faith to believe in evolution than creation.


    I agree, even if you have the same blood type your body may reject the new organ.. If people knew more about evolution they wouldn't believe it.

    Because the evolutive gap between species is too large.


    Yes, I read about that, too. I have no idea why it should work with pigs and not with apes. Maybe it could have something to do with the size of the organs. Maybe pigs' hearts for example are more similar in size and shape than any primate's ones. Hopefully, someone who knows about medicine answers this question.


    The reason I asked was I read that they can develop Pig orgains to transplant and we are taught that Apes are our nearest relative. Strange.


    If we came from apes then there would be no apes today

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