Please say a Prey for all those poor victems in Norway

    why do people do this sort of thing why cant they be like us on this site !

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    Thanks, Mel!

    Understanding a madman you would have to be one!90+people and many where kid's awful shame awful shame!!

    how true is that whovin lol

    thanks Pamela lol

    thanks Grandpa3 for your comment

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    I pray for strength and a sense of well-being for all the families who was struck by this horrible tragedy.


    thanks Pamela this a auwful tragedy lol :)

    I already said a prayer after I saw the news,This is very disturbing.No  one is safe anymore.


    thank you Ann for your prayer as you say it is very disturbing and know one is safe this is a country that the population is around 5 million and they only have 1 to 2 murders every year very sad

    Yes, I saw it this morning in the news, I have and will continue. I didn't see much because it just happened, but I thought it was a car bomb and someone went on a shooting spree at a summer camp. Al Qaeda was supposed to be one of the top suspects. It's unbelievable that some find it o.k. to bomb innocent civilians, I just don't understand the thought process.


    thanks Leeroy your comment we were watching this morning they dont know wether its one person or gang yes your right they have there suspisions in the Al Qaeda because of the bombing and half a bulding is down and as you said the poor kids in the summer camp my heart goes out to all the familys god bless tham all thanks again Leeroy:)

    At best, this guy will only serve a maximum of 21 years in prison for all the lives that was taken by his hands. Unbelievable!!!

    "Yes leeroy "IT" was one of there own kind Neo Nazi nutter.They should bring back the hanging "Law

    I just seen it on the 6 o clock news,very sad.


    thanks Pythonlover it is really quite sad thankyou for your comment lol

    Amen.  Consider it done! 


    thankyou Chiangmai lol

    Yes this is quite unbelievable,there seem to be no safe place anymore, my prayer goes to to the families and love one,may the will of God come to pass.There is sorrow in my heart every time something like this happen.


    thank you facebook for your comments lol

    I pray for the speedy recovery of the injured and condolences for the victims'  family. 


    thankyou for you comment Benchong

    I said a prayer for the people in Norway, it's a very tragic event. My heart goes out to them.


    Thanks Spaceghost it is mind bogaling i just cant get my head round it thnks again for your commen Spaceghost lol

    my prayers are with them as well as peolple evey where that suffered through such tragadies, i thank god for what i have .


    Thanks Daren1 for your Preyers lol

    I heard that the person responsible was not Al Qaeda, but some neo -nazi nut.


    yes is this correct Ms Sinclair lol

    Have no idea what happened??


    Collen you proberly already know by now as I posted this 5 hours ago up to the 91 people were belived dead this includes alot teenagers in summer camp and half building got blown up I have just got back i have just watched the news and its up to 92 people confirmed dead thank you for your interest colleen lol

    Thanks Mel. My thoughts are with them. Every country suffers a devastating act like this from time to time. It affects the world the same way each time. Not much we can do but try to be empathetic and try to bring good back into this world.

    Thankyou Colleen for your thoughts lol

    oour father in heaven please bless the peopie in norway with your love, comfort and kindness. put strong angels to help them.we know that you will meet their needs. in Jesus name. amen.


    thankyou so much for your preyer camaxable lol

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