is a mans destiny predestined by the influences exerted on him

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    i would think so. peer pressure and society have a lot to do with the way we are.

    "destiny predestined"?  Wow, 2 unknowns together.  OK, here goes:

    A man's destiny is predestined by how inspired he is from the get go.

    age old question, nature versus nurture, I think environment and family values certainly has a powerful influence but doesnt necessarily predetermine personality or ultimate destiny

    Are you asking if what paths one chooses are already determined by influences exerted on that person?
    If that is the question..........possibly it is the paths one chooses that determine the influences that will be exerted upon him.  

    It is the direct reflection of of ones own thought processes.  Man has all power by reason of Gods gift of Freewill.  Thus man creates his own fate and destiny, in all times and places.  By this gift does he generates his own influences, as he responds to any worldly or outward influences which are excerted upon him.  Joy or sorrow will reflect his understanding of the magnamus loving gift.  It is after all the power to create.   

    I would like to post my opinion on this issue .Let me start by saying, I am not saying anyone is right or wrong in there answers , because we all have our own concepts of life . It is my thought that humans cannot create his/her own fate or destiny because to create we must have knowledge of the thing we wish to create . An example : I have decided to build an airplane and can get the information from a blueprint . Since we do not have a crystal ball to see the future there is no way to make decisions that will lead us on a predestined path . All we do have ,is our ability to make decisions based on our past knowledge and if we do not have knowledge regarding the issue we want to decide on then, we make a decision and hope it will be in our favor . Life is simple humans complicate it


    The first airplane did not come from a blue print. It instead came from imagination and desire. That to me was creating destiny and humans did it. We think with our brains. Soul simply knows and does not need to think. Soul sends messages to our brain and we make choices based on that. You give God's creation too little credit.

    The will of God is that we have free will to choose for ourselves what our destiny will be. There have been many who have sought to influence our choices through devices that hedge closely, if not into the usurpation of the will of God.  The penalties for this crime is the sudden and severely disabling loss of family, friends, finance, material possessions, anticipated future well-being, health, pride, reputation….etc, that limits the perpetrators expression of this spiritual crime.        

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