if there is a god who made him or where did he come from

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    its all in what you believe in. Dont trust what others say. Decide for yourself. That is what religion is all about.

    This subject is too big for the human mind. Just believe or not. Hope you do.

    You have to think, it is difficult for a human being to understand the concepts of God or Heaven, but that doesn't mean they should simply be written off as figments of the imagination. You wouldn't expect a fish to understand what's it's like on dry land, but that doesn't mean that dry land doesn't exist. The same principle could be applied to human beings and spiritual matters.

    The answer is, there is a God according to what I believe and, although this is extremely difficult for the human mind to comprehend, he never needed to be made by anyone because he's simply aways been there.
    A physical being has no comprehension of a spiritual being, which is basically what God is. He is a spiritual person with a powerful force which has always existed.
    Different religions have different ways of trying to get around the so-called absurdity of this. Mormons, for instance, teach that God was once a man, and that there has always been men becoming Gods and hence creating men who became Gods no matter how far back you go in time.
    Religions that teach the Trinity doctrine believe that God is made up of three parts, God the father, God the son (Jesus Christ) and God the holy spirit, each of which has always existed right back through time.
    I am a Jehovah's Witness and they disagree with both these teachings. They believe Jesus was the 'firstborn of all creation' and that all other things were created through him. Jehovah, or God, on the other hand, has always existed as a spiritual person and, unlike the physical universe around us, has never been created.
    The physcal universe and the Earth have existed for billions of years but the human race has only been here for just over 6000 years. It began with the creation of Adam in the Garden of Eden. The following articles may throw some more light on the subject:


    Who writes all this garbage?

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