achool vs. smoking

    they took ads for smoking off the air cause they said it made it look to cool so kids were trying but the achool ads are the same how many wrecks have you heard of due to smoking that has killed or hurt someone badly. I havent heard of any but everyday you heard of a wreck due to drinking and driving so why not take those ads of the air as well cause when you watch them they make you want to go and get some achool so why do we still have them on the air

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    Both are killers in the end. I do have to say though that I am a responsible driving at all! There is no such thing as a responsible the end it will kill you and others that suffer having to take in the second hand smoke.Drinking too much can kill as well damaging the kidneys and liver as well as causing terrible tragedies on the highway, both being addictive behaviors. Again I have to defend that alcohol is not something that everyone will abuse and in any event end up killing anyone.

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