How many amendments to the constitution have been passed but not ratified?

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    Six amendments adopted by Congress and sent to the states have not been ratified by the required number of states. Four of these, including one of the twelve Bill of Rights amendments, are still technically open and pending. The other two amendments are closed and no longer pending, one by terms set within the Congressional Resolution proposing it  and the other by terms set within the body of the amendment .

    <dl><dd><dl><dd>Would strictly regulate the size of congressional districts for representation in the House of Representatives.</dd></dl></dd></dl>

    <dl><dd><dl><dd>Would strip citizenship from any United States citizen who accepts a title of nobility from a foreign country.</dd></dl></dd></dl>

    <dl><dd><dl><dd>Would make "domestic institutions" (which in 1861 implicitly meant slavery) of the states impervious to the constitutional amendment procedures enshrined within Article Five of the United States Constitution and immune to abolition or interference even by the most compelling Congressional and popular majorities.</dd></dl></dd></dl>

    <dl><dd><dl><dd>Would empower the federal government to regulate child labor.</dd></dl></dd></dl>

    • Equal Rights Amendment (Ratification period, March 22, 1972 to March 22, 1979/June 30, 1982, amendment failed (†); ratified by 35 states)

    <dl><dd><dl><dd>Would have prohibited deprivation of equality of rights (discrimination) by the federal or state governments on account of sex.</dd></dl></dd></dl>

    <dl><dd><dl><dd>Would have granted the District of Columbia full representation in the United States Congress as if it were a state, repealed the 23rd Amendment and granted the District full representation in the Electoral College system in addition to full participation in the process by which the Constitution is amended.</dd></dl></dd></dl>

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