Not a question, it was 101 degrees here today, tomorrow it is suppose to get to 107 !!!!!

    humid, hot, hell

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    Hot stuff...sizzling. lol!

    Hi Pamela, you're right sizzling, this heat is UNBEARABLE, IT'S REALLY HUMID !!!! I'm moving to Alaska.

    Wow Spaceghost that is hot and I am complaining that where is our summer gone lol

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    Very cold in Sydney Australia and pouring rain.


    Thank you pythonlover, we sure could use that RAIN, very dry here. Appreciate the input.

    Los Angeles, 07-21-11, 77degrees, 4:21pm (PST)


    Boy I wish it was 77degrees here, it would be a relief. Thanks for the info.

    It's time for the AC...put it on full blast! lol!

    That sounds comfotable. You want to trade Places?

    No waaaaaaay. lol!

    Oh you poor things here I am complainig as last night we had the heating on just for a hour to take the chill of and we are in summer weid a when I lived in hot places I use to put my sheets in the fridge and at least that helped me to drop oo to sleep keep cool


    Hey, Mel you're right, poor things. I feel baaaaaaad...posting how I feel sooooooo...comfortable with the temperature here in Los Angeles. lol!

    thanks Pamela :)

    Can I come visit one of you ladies please !!!! I got to get away from this HEAT.

    Mel, I would rather be where you are. .

    Just seen the BBC weather forcast here in the UK and a lot of the USA will be getting hot weather over the weekend.


    You're right Maz, this weekend here is going to be an inferno. Thanks for the info.

    Same temp as we had here too. Very humid. Made it difficult to breathe outdoors. Thank goodness for a/c!


    a/c/b''' another cold beverage

    It was really HOT and HECTIC at work today, breathing hot air. Thank you Colleen for your comments.

     It is 12pm here in NH.(Friday) and it is already 1oo degrees. To add insult to injury, we lost power at 8:45 am for !1/2 hours. I dipped my dogs in the lake and  I sat on my  beach in water up to my waist. It felt so good.


    Way to keep cool Ann. Good looking out for yourself and your dogs. Also stay hydrated. Thank you very much Ann for your input.

    Very hot and muggy weather here in Canada Ont. close to 40 degree c.were not use to this hot weather,cold beer be good right now Bye.

    Was in south Jersey all day. Hot like crazy. Tomorrow will be 110 F. Al gore is behind this. (Global Warming).


    Scorching, Thank you ed for your comments.

    3:43 am  79 degrees. supposed to be sizzling again. 7/22


    You're so right, got up to 107 here today. Thank you carmaxable for your comments.

    106 today but the humidity is down a little. 3:40 pm.


    107 here today and humidity is down just a bit, 6:32pm. Thank you so much my friend for the info.

    Hey this hot weather were having,you could fry your eggs on the hood of your some energy!


    You're right fb, you really could fry an egg on the hood of your car. Thanks for your input.

    Spacy, you must be living near or in " Tassachusetts " we have in Boston the same temperatures. It is awful ..... too hot


    TOO HOT, it's 10 pm here and it's STILL hot. varon, try to keep cool my friend. Thanks so much for your comments. cold beer.............

    ya i hear tomorrow is supposed to be light in the morning and dark at night...jmo

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