why is" my blue face" on edit my profile frowning? Also how does a person read an answer?

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    To change your gravatar, go to your profile page and click on the link under your gravatar pic (it reads gravatar) and then follow the instructions.

    Another way of seeing answers is while you're on your profile page, scroll down and see all the questions you've posted. Click them to open them and see if they've been answered.

    I tried understanding the gravator instuctions but i am too computer illiterit to follow/understand their language. Really I tried! I just wanted a picture or something. Not a zombie or a self-portate, Thanks,

    We have a new way of changing the profile picture. See your profile page and click profile picture in the left column.
    I can't answer the first question. My pink face is awful. At the top of your page when you sign in it says how many questions you've asked and how many have been answered. Click on ANSWERS and there you are. The problem now is how you are going to find this... thinking about that.

    No, sorry. Click on QUESTIONS to find your answers. I just tried it to check... & I still don't know how you're going to find this unless you're around while it's near the top of answered questions.
    click on the question
    Even I saw how to get my own questions that are answered back to see and read.

    Do you really not know that? If not why and why the sarcasim,get a life. I was busy when I got a mess.that my Q. had been responded too.

    bab, I think you misunderstood suliz. She is actually one of our more sensible people. She wasn't being sarcastic, she was just trying to figure out how you would see the answer if you didn't know how to find them. She was only going by your question. I think you can understand that. ;) Please take away the thumbs down you gave her by voting her back up, OK?

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