Help! how to get rid of backpain

    my mother ran over a pothole a few days ago and woke up yesterday sobbing. she thinks one of her discs in her spine has been dislocated. my father wont let her see a chiropractor because its very expensive. but she is in a lot of pain. what should she do???

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    Apparently your father is very cheap. A chiropractor may help on one visit by a spinal adjustment. However, most will insist on several visits which I discourage. If it doesn't get any better after one visit, go back for one more. And in the meantime, try an OTC pain killer.

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    Have her try ice to affected area, if no ice packs, a package of frozen peas works well. Ice is good to use for back spasms. No more than 20 minutes at a time.

    ole hipster

    Excellent answer! Thumbs up for you.

    If she won't go to the Chiropractor you may want to trick her into seeing an orthopedic doctor, at least they will prescribe her the scrips she needs, even her regular doctor may do this. Just go with her to make sure she mentions it to the Doc.. You never know what could be causing the pain it might be something serious?

    My mom had swelling in her neck, back, and lymph node areas, I told her it could be only a few things, she was afraid and to stubborn to go to the doctor. That's why I said trick her, if you can't convince her. Six months later I finally got her to go to the doctor and we found out that it was what we were afraid of cancer.

    They gave her three months to live and I only wished I could have gotten her there sooner. Well that was two years ago and they got rid of most the cancer except for the cancer in her brain.

    I hope you can get her there as soon as possible, it very difficult to see someone you love suffer in pain. Best wishes in your endeavor, Leeroy


    Thanks hipster you are so kind, I appreciate it.

    ole hipster

    Again leeroy I must say "Bless Your Heart"!

    a chiropractor is a hell of alot cheaper than an MD. Who specializes in back pain more, the MD or a chiropractor. Alot better odds in relieving back pain with chiropractor. Will an MD adjust her, no. Oh the MD can prescribe drugs to mask the pain and cause.

    I have 3 slipped discs and two back operations so let my experience help you. The best thing you can do is to sleep with a large pillow under your legs, tucked all the way up under your butt. It helps to put your spine in the position it is supposed to be in, with any luck lying down will relax the muscles and her disc will slide back into place by morning. She should feel a little better tommorow but it usually takes two or three nights for me. Trust me it works better than drugs or doctors. Advil or Ibruprofen would be good to take to help alleviate any swelling, a muscle relaxer would help as well, but the pillow will help more than anything. Tell mom, good luck.

    if u have any muscle relaxer or pain pill take it stay in bed . your muscle will relax and it will pop back in. that what a medical doctor would do.i have had back problems for 26 years

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