why does everyone hate on mormons?


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    Headless Man

    I don't HATE anyone. Love, Randy

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    No problem with Mormons. Morons, that's another story.


    LOL!!!!!!!!!! Duh, wassa madder wit moronz?

    ed shank: You make me laugh and that’s a good thing. Ducky makes me laugh too.

    What do you call hate? Telling a person the truth about a false religion is not "hating them". Quite the opposite. If I would tell a mormon that their religion is Christian then I have just demonstrated hate towards them. For if they do not hear and embrace truth they will not receive eternal life. Mormon religion teaches that there are many gods and Jesus is a god but not the One and Only God of all creation. This is why you see men like Glenn Beck embracing all "peace loving" religions. Glenn Beck does not understand that no matter how loving and good willed a Jew or a Muslim is they are headed for hell if they do not receive Jesus Christ as LORD. The apostle Paul was a Jew and a Pharisee, when he met Jesus as LORD he abandoned Judaism and became a Christian.


    Not2be rude or anything,however I'm pretty sure that u have never been2a mormon church...Maybe u should do some resurch ...I'm nt saying that being mormon is right or wrong,we all have the freedom to choose and practice religon freely in this country.But even though I'm non practicing I was(to a degree)brought up mormon...And they DO believe in God our father and his son(our brother)Jesus Christ, he is our lord and savior..No one,in the mormon religon(to my knowledge)has ever doubted that.Call ANY"Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints"4more info..(yeah,that's the name of thier church)


    I've been to an LDS church. I think the white (is that even enriched flour), sweet, french bread, and tap water for communion is offensive, extremely offensive.

    Headless Man

    I love what Glenn Beck has done and have seen him on stage and his redemption story is right on. But your right if he don't believe JESUSs is LORD then he needs make a change. I pray he does.


    To April, I have been to a Mormon church service, b/c I worked with a woman who was morman, and asked her if I could visit her church. She said sure and afterwards, she and her hub and I went out for lunch

    If anyone would like to recieve christ in their heart and be delivered from death,,,say this simple prayerdear lord,
    I admit that I am a sinner. I have done many things that don please you. I have lived my life for myself. I am sorry and I repent. I ask you to forgive me. I believe that you died on the cross for me, to save me. You did what I could not do for myself. I come to you now and ask you to take control of my life, I give it to you. Help me to live every day in a way that pleases you. I love you, lord, and I thank you that I will spend all eternity with you. Man of god

    ...Well whats love?..I consider love as knowing something and shareing it with someone rather then keeping it to myself,,what if you knew the road was under construction and there was no warning of this but you knew there was a cliff at the end of the road but no sign to warn anyone...And you saw all these cars going 50mph,,,would you try to stop them and warn them before they go off the cliff?..Or would you just ignore them and let them drive off the cliff?

    Well real love is knowing jesus christ as your savior....Because if you dont him as your true lord and savior a personal relationship. You also will go off the cliff as the others did...And never return....

    Why dont you come to him now...Before its too late...Tell him...Lord jesus I know you died for me...And I know you rose on the third day..Im so sorry for all my sins...Come into my life and save me from the cliff that I dont want to drive off of...Be lord and savior over my life....I want to spend eternity with you lord in Jesus name!amen!

    Hey guys this is real love!... You cant get more real then this!!!,,listen dont be foolish we never know when we are to go...It just may be too late




    Ablast...."And there is the problem with the world. How about accept your fellow man, forgive his trespasses."

    Good words! In fact Jesus said if you do not love and forgive you will not be forgiven. The bible is to be taken literally in all matters of life. While it does have imagery it always explains what the images mean. The bible is very clear on sin and eternal life. There is no grey areas only liberties given in Christ.

    While there are many "interpretations" ther are also "translations" which are a word for word translation from thousands of preserved manuscripts of Hebrew and Greek. One can take an English translation and cross reference it word for word against the Hebrew and Greek and will find that it has not changed at all from the originals.

    If one feels threatened by the preaching of God's word then that is their own shaking of their fist towards the very word of God. There is only one God and one Medaitor between God and man, Christ Jesus, and this God tells His children to preach that all might believe and be saved. No Savior, No heaven. The good part is it is free to all who want it so there is and will be no excuse for rejecting it.

    Encourager...."FriendofGod, Seventh day adventists and Catholics are not the same as mormons. Mormonism is not christian. That is pretty clear as explained in previous posts. Catholic and seventh day adventists doctrine is a bit off center for me, but they are christian".

    I believe there are Mormons who are Christian just as there are Catholics who are Christian and SDA's who are Christian. And there are Baptist who are Christians and Methodist who are Christians, etc, etc. Many Christians attend particular churches just because that is where the family goes and they really don't pay much attention to the origin of their perspective "denominations". SDA's follow a false prophet (EGW) and believe her writings are equal to scripture just like the Mormons follow the false prophet Joeseph Smith. The Catholics follow a pope who claims to be the vicar of Christ and what the mother church says is equal to the word of God. These practices are an abomination of Christianity.

    If anyone preachers any other gospel then the one Paul preached they are accursed. Paul preached "by grace ye are saved through faith and this NOT OF YOURSELVES". Faith plus works is a false gospel, a boastful gospel.


    Catholics and SDAs doctrines do not teach this one single thing you speak alone. Just ask one of them. Catholics and the sacraments and purgatory. SDAs add law keeping.


    Should read "add" the sacraments.


    Yes,this is true. I left Catholicism and am now a christian,Catholics have to many man made rules.


    Tami, when you were a Catholic, did anyone tell you that you were already a Christian? All Catholic are Christians.


    Friend of God- You have a point about people being Christian within many Demoninations or religions, possibly. But that must be determined by exclusion and inclusion. Mainstream christian doctrine believe's that Jesus is the son of the God of Abraham, came to the world to save us from our sin and by accepting that single thing, one enters heaven, which is the one and only path to salvation. Also that the bible, plus nothing else, is the inspired word of God and that no other books are included as the word of God. Also that God,H.S. and Jesus is one in the same.Mormons/ Jeh.W.don't believe it

    Mormonism is not sound Christian doctrine. Mormons believe they can become Gods themselves. They believe that when they die, they go with their wife as a new Adam and Eve to other planets to populate them. That is why they go through a ceremony in their temples to be sealed as couples for eternity. This is why they don't have normal weddings like other people. After coming back from the temple ceremony they will have a reception. Also, they believe Satan and Jesus are brothers. They exalt Joseph Smith instead of Jesus. They do not believe in the Trinity. They believe there are more gods than One. These are just a few major points about their unsound doctrine. It is a very twisted religion.



    it's warmed over masonry. The founders of the LDS were Masons.

    there is good in many religions. if you are helping your fellow man then you servr the Lord.

    Its everyones choice to choose theire own religion. Who are we to judge?

    "ALL SING". Give me that old time Religion. "Ah bugger it I am going to bed.


    I’m not sure what religion it is. But someone comes by on bikes and knocks on my doors. Two men come in pairs (kinda scary for a woman alone) Sometimes women come.  One time when I was really desperate I asked a mother and daughter team to come in a help me clean my house. They had said they had come to help me. They declined to help me in the way I wanted help.

    Hate them? No. Now I just peer out my window and let them injure their knuckles knocking knocking at my front door.


    That would be the Jehovah's Witnesses you speak of. Mormons just want you to send money for their next political cause of keeping rights from people.

    Every Mormon young man has to spend one year after H.S. doing his misionary work.They have to wear a tie and they do go around with another young man. During the long hair era, they had to keep their hair short.My parents went out west in the 70s and stayed with a distant relative of my dads who was Mormon. When they got home, two young Mormon men came to our house. My dad let them in and they showed us their pictures and their bible,etc.But, my parents didn't convert.

    Colleen: That’s interesting. I’ll put it on my research list which grows longer every day. Thank you.

    I don't

    They knock on your door at ungodly hours a bit like Jehovah's witnesses


    Be at peace Friendo, you burn in your own emotional fire.


    Peace to you also, I do burn with the Holy Spirit fire! God Bless!

    "John answered, saying unto [them] all, I indeed baptize you with water; but one mightier than I cometh, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire:"

    What makes you an authority? And why do you dwell on Hate, it is as a cuss word that should be striken from any vocabulary. You give it life even in your thoughts, it is mind rot. Don't be a part of the infection ;)

    I don't hate anyone because of their religion or lack of. Peace be with you and yours.

    Not all people hate facialscrub. If they find happiness in their religion good look to them I say


    Actually, God hates all manmade religion, even manmade christianity, such as Mormonism, Seventh Day Adventism, Catholicism, etc. God loves relationship with Him and has declared through Jesus Christ that a relationship with Him can only come through loving Jesus. Happiness in a religion that God does not accept only leads to seperation from God in the end. Man cannot choose how they like to worship God. God has laid down the rules through Jesus Christ and there will be no other way to be saved.


    God said, "But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate." (Rev 2)


    God is beyond hate that is the realm of fundamentalists


    FriendofGod, Seventh day adventists and Catholics are not the same as mormons. Mormonism is not christian. That is pretty clear as explained in previous posts. Catholic and seventh day adventists doctrine is a bit off center for me, but they are christian.


    Encourager, you are wrong. Mormonism IS Christian, its real name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Mormons believe in the Bible, and accept Jesus as their Savior and strive to have a relatinoship with him, Just like FriendofGod said, which comes through loving Jesus.

    And there is the problem with the world. How about accept your fellow man, forgive his trespasses. Different views and different interpretations do not mean expulsion. The bible is a guide not to be taken literally. It has been interpreted many times from the original writings. It was written by men and then transcribed many times before it became what we have today.

    I am so sick of these fanatics that believe they are the only chosen ones that will be in gods grace. That would be a sin within itself. Does this mean that gods creation of mankind prior to the bible all went to hell. I don’t believe the message was for fanatics to terrorise non Christians. How about a bit of tolerance? Evil comes in many forms. If you don’t have something nice to say then keep it shut. How about a bit of good will to all men (and women of course).

    It’s about time some of you so called Christians start practicing what you preach instead of threatening others beliefs. And just in case you are wondering. I believe in god too. I just cannot abide by religious terrorism. Wake up and smell the roses. Many wars have been religious based. We enjoy the right to our own beliefs and how we perceive god to be. To commit a crime in the name of god is abhorred. It seems to me everyone is looking to the one god. Because a language or a race calls god by a different name does not exclude them.

    In answer to the original question.:- Mormons, Jehovah witnesses and a few other religions are a little pushier. By door knocking and trying to spread their message many people feel they are infringing on their territory. This is offensive to many people. Jehovahs for example do not believe in blood transfusions and this has caused much debate especially when it involves the lives of children. It is about time we stopped all this prejudice.


    You tell it as it is. "I am right and you are wrong" But why? "Because I said so".Go get `em ablast, a big thumbs up from me.

    Headless Man

    People were saved differently before Jesus, HE was sent to show us the way HE IS THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE all you need to do now is to accept that by FAITH and he will forgive you and make you a new person, but you will need to be under conviction by the HOLLY SPIRIT to believe.


    THANK YOU!!! Finally, someone who understands me! I was near tears at what people said about my religon

    People, you CAPITALISE on sin. Please give us Bible references for people to believe you. Also remember the word cleanses.

    Headless Man

    Jeremiah 33:8
    I will cleanse them from all the sin they have committed against me and will forgive all their sins of rebellion against me. (but you need to ask)

    What makes you think everyone hate mormons? I do not hate them. In fact the mormon family - our neighbors for more than 10 years - is a very nice and functional family way above average american family.

    Don't throw everyone into your generalizations.  I do not hate Mormons I am not one but do not hate them.

    Perhaps Nondeplume should think about the native American indian before talking about other nations, and if Ino is british he should know better, and yes i am british.


    There's a lot of good people come out of it, but I question what it has become. Hummm . .

    Lots of confusion here boys and girls, and none of you referring much to the bible for authority.
    Maybe you should ask Why are there so many religions claiming to be Christian when there is only one God and one lord Jesus Christ?

    (1 Corinthians 8:6) . . .there is actually to us one God the Father, out of whom all things are, and we for him; and there is one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all things are, and we through him.

    Some of you seem to believe that the Sovereign Lord Jehovah and the Son of God are one and the same.

    Jesus has another title, Do you know what that is?
    (Daniel 7:13-14) . . .I kept on beholding in the visions of the night, and, see there! with the clouds of the heavens someone like a son of man happened to be coming; and to the Ancient of Days he gained access, and they brought him up close even before that One. 14 And to him there were given rulership and dignity and kingdom, that the peoples, national groups and languages should all serve even him. His rulership is an indefinitely lasting rulership that will not pass away, and his kingdom one that will not be brought to ruin.

    Yes that is right, Jesus is also called the 'son of man' Daniel saw a vision of the future, now the past, of Jesus entering the very presence of the Ancient of days with the value of his shed blood as a ransom for Faithful mankind.

    The same Jesus taught us to LOVE our enemies. By hating their sin not the person. I would agree that Mormonism is an Apostate religion and I have read the book of Mormon. I also know families that repented and left the Mormon church. So not all Mormons are beyond redemption, Neither for that matter are all Jews. Jesus is the one who has been given the authority to judge, not you, Not I.

    Jesus said:

    *** Bible Citations
    Not everyone saying to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter into the kingdom of the heavens, but the one doing the will of my Father who is in the heavens will. 22 Many will say to me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and expel demons in your name, and perform many powerful works in your name?’ 23 And yet then I will confess to them: I never knew YOU! Get away from me, YOU workers of lawlessness.***

    That is a quotation from Matthew chapter 7. You would do well to consider the whole chapter in your own bible and ask yourself, 'Am I missing something vital here? True Christians do not hate people they hate sin.

    Lookout for my next question. Where and in which bible can I find the expression "God the son?"


    Headless Man

    I love what Glenn Beck has done and have seen him on stage and his redemption story is right on. But if he don't believe JESUSs is LORD then he needs make a change. I pray he does.


    All because Glenn Beck is mormon doesn't mean he's not christian!

    Glen Beck NEVER, not once ever said that everyone hates Mormons you sick liberal illiterate! Post proof or where we can find proof of your statement.


    I think his point is that Glenn Beck is a Mormon and guess what? Glenn Beck is a Mormon.

    it is positive and very family focused


    It's like belonging to a country club, only they have very strange beliefs, beliefs that are contrary to the salvation offered in the Bible.


    I don't hate them, or anyone else. But their teachings are so contrary to the Bible that, yes, I do hate their doctrines.

    They're misunderstood and people don't think that mormons are Christian which is incorrect.


    The are not Christians, they are a cult. They have people that they consider their living prophets and so no matter how many obvious mistakes were made by Joseph Smith, or their other leaders, they can cover it up with a new prophetic revision. They taught that Jesus and Satan were brothers, polygamy was necessary in their early years, people with dark skin are cursed, there was a thousand year (or more battle) between lost tribe of Israel, on this continent, and the more they search for artifacts and can't find them, the further south they move the battle. And much more.


    Their Bible is "The Bible as corrected by Joseph Smith." They wear the same underwear that they consider sacred. They believe that truth is revealed by the burning in the bosom, regardless of what the Bible might say. The had motive and opportunity to massacre a group of people on their way to California from Arkansas. They stole all of their gold, kept their young (at least the girls), they first tried to blame the indians, then covered it up by blaming one man who was hung, but he took orders from Brigham Young. And much more.

    it a cult a well run cult but a cult just the same ,go Joe smith you gun carrying s,o,b,oh yes i was sent by god and he told me to carry guns to?

    I wonder the same thing. I'm mormon myself, and when I look at this stuff, and the picket signs around churches, I cry.

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