how do you tell someone to stop cursing

    i need help! guys keep cursing and its getting out of hand. how do i stop it?

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    My husband has gotten a filthy mouth lately... It just makes him mad. I wish I had an answer for you. But, know you are not alone.


    ....we miss you ! has been a long time "pup !"

    I would just tell them I find it offensive you may only get more cursing and ugliness back out of them, but that would lead me to believe that then that is people you should try to avoid being around.

    &%$#! if I know.

    I remember when you got a big fine for swearing.Maybe the police should start writing tickets again.Money from the fines would help local city budgets Don

    Depends really, many people curse. However, if they are in your home or around your children or kin them I'd tell them definitely to stop or please leave after you shove a bar of soap in their mouths and perhaps on up their arses

    You cannot control others, but you can dismiss yourself, or recognize that "you" are only responsible for your own behavior, so that you may just enjoy your life within the boundaries you set for "yourself"...A word has no value except the value that you ascribe to it, period.

    Tell them, that cussing sounds terrible.

    ask them do the praise God. if they say yes. then tell them oh i thought you didnot cause the words that come out your mouth don't match your beautiful personality. that might work. if they say no then tell them that cursing you alway do is taking away from your beautiful personality tht might work

    Politely say "Could you please not curse around me and my family,I'm not trying to be rude,but I wouldn't like me or any of my family to pick up on those words." and if they don't stop try making it sound a little firmer "sir/ma'am could you please stop cussing." and if they still don't listen make sure to say it again with a firmer and louder voice. You can do it,and don't act shy because they might think its all a big joke

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