Do you think God is real?

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    I can say with a hundred percent certainty, YES....God is real. Other people can't, you have to search for God to find Him, he won't just jump out of a bush when your walking down a sidewalk and say,"Here I Am."

    You are going to have to do your own research, and come up with your own answer.
    Man made God in his own image.
    Of course he is how do you think you got here?
    nooo... stupidest thing i have ever heard, he is as fictional as santa claus doing the rounds at christmas time or the tooth fairy or noah living until he was 900 years old.
    its about time humanity got past such ridiculous theories which have caused our history nothing but pain and death amongst each other
    I believe that GOD is real because who else could create life, a world, sun, moon, clouds, fire, and earth? Certainly not a human being. So therefore, there has to be a higher power in charge.
    Yes, OF COURSE

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