Is a scam compay?

    placed an order 2 weeks ago, no shpping ticket number has been issued as of 4-20-11.

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    Cheap DJ Gear is a scam.I ordered stuff on the 4th of December 2012 and still  don't have it but thet do have my money.The website has been sold to someone who claims not to have anything to do with Pro Audio Video (Cheap DJ Gear) and will not honour the sale.

    Stage Lighitng Elsie

    Hi William, so sorry to hear that.
    Are you interested in importing DJ Lights from China? The price will be more affordable. Also the international express is also very fast. contact me for details:
    Skype: osnown.elsie
    Mobile: 0086-18664179395
    I ordered from them a couple years ago and didn't have any problems with anything...they very good and reliable products....good luck! Although I think it was good luck..

    yes it does, but you should order 2day cuz half sale is no longer up tomorrow. Im gonna ask my mom if she could buy a mixer for me 2day for an early x-mas present.


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