Why are these people defying centuries of anthropologic facts? Do babies just appear or do they follow an evolutionary process like everything else?

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    Charles Darwin was the son of a preacher, he admitted on his death bed it was a vague theory, there is not scientific fact- when it comes to evolution that's why they call it a theory. Just because it's taught in schools doesn't make it true. There are many, many holes in the theory. The theory said that birds evolved from reptiles correct? Well scientists agree that there is no possible way that you could have a cross between an bird lung and a reptile lung and have a creature that could live, never mind gasp one breath of air. But to believe in creationism takes faith, well evolution takes a lot more faith.

    In a universe of infinite possibilities, all is true if it can be imagined, but
    unfortunately history is used as a political tool, religion or science. Until you
    stop subscribing to the agendas of others you will not free your soul from their grip.
    Learn to trust yourself, and unlearn everything. =]

    It is not that simple. There are some serious issues with the evolution theory, you can't say that it is a fact. There are still many questions open on how life first emerged. No one was able to recreate the primary living organizem from protein.

    Creationist why is it so important to know if the chicken or the egg came first when in fact DNA it self has to be designed and can not be created from another creatures DNA to make man. DNA it self has a helper the energy force you can detect in the material but can not prove in spirit or alpha and omega as first and last God is life and creator whom sent the word come alive in his Son explaining every thing with authority from God his Father, his apostle's believed so much so they were compelled to testify even unto death and persecution. Evil lusions will never see heaven or God only his wrath form disobaing the end result of not obeaying is what you see on the news and in your household and around the world. Fact sin does please it self and if every one is for sin who else could save the world from destrution.

    lol like the creation theory is all proven scientifically and there is no question left.... are you guys crazy? how many ways you want to split a pea?

    papa peg

    Name the scientist that lived 4 billion years ago.Show me books that a hyena turned into an 80 ton whale.That's what they claim.So why are so many thousands of hyenas still running around.they say man come from apes.We still have a lot of family swingng through the jungle.

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