Is Nature our best teacher? Does it need us to pay attention and respect it?

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    Yes ,Nature is one of Gods most  beautiful ceation. Everything in nature. has a purpose.It provides everything for  all its inhabitants to live.It is our best teacher of how to live in harmony with each other, but unfortunately we do not pay attention. Yes we should respect its natural beauty,  but that is up to us humans.

    I think so. I also think you can best find evidence of God in nature. I love nature. I love all the sights and sounds of nature and it's true, we can learn best through animals as to how we should get along and co exist.

    By appreciating and loving, not worshiping ffs, the creations of the Creator, I am still worshiping the Creator. Taking care of IT's creations is the same as looking to and loving the Creator. I'm so glad I do not have tunnel vision so I can see God in everything.

    Oh yes Nature is our best Teacher in life reading what nature has given us is he most wonderful thing in the world wether you believe in God or not I still think God and Mother Nature are the same and yes we must always Respect this is very important thank you a good question

    worship the creator not the creation!

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