Should the U.S. intervene in Libya or not ?

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    First, let's get your thoughts. Why are you undecided enough to ask the question?

    No, the US needs to start minding their own business. If the middle east has a problem they can handle it. They've been buying weapons from US, China, Russia, Germany, France, UK etc. for decades. If the oil cartel wants more control they can hire an army with their bonus money and record profits.

    **My thoughts ? Yes, I feel that the U.S should intervene and put a stop to the killing of innocent children and women in Libya, don't you think that tyrant Gadhafi should go, bedides this country is in the habit of getting involved in every body's business so why let an opportunity such as this one go.



    I agree. This country does need to get less involved in other countries affairs. At some point the leaders of our country need to recognize our own people need attending to also. It's time the US stop acting like the world police and let some countries sort out their own problems.



    Sorry, meant to respond to this also: "Yes, I feel that the U.S should intervene and put a stop to the killing of innocent children and women in Libya"

    How many times should we go over and do this? Maybe we can stop it today but what about down the road? Unless Libya solves it's own problems, the results for it's people will remain the same. More will die. It's up to the people of Libya to change the way their country is run. We can not do that for them. We're "policing" enough countries as it is.


    With out a doubt, the U.S. should stop playing world police and pay more attention to you and I. There are people in this country that need help, poverty, homeless, and so one, but they rather spend millions and millions trying to solve every ones problems.

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