Do you feel slavery still exists ??

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    There are people who's spouse ( or mate) keep them as slaves.

    I think slavery will be around for a long time.It seems like our country can't do anything right anymore.

    Yes slavery still exists, and I'm about to show you how you became a slave.

    When you were born your mother unwittingly register you. You have to understand in law the act of registration is to leave in trust of, therefore you mother left you in trust of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA or CANADA or what ever your country is. Notice how I spelled the names of the counties in all caps. This is very important to understand. When a corporation is registered, that is how it's name is spelled. The United States of America and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are two completely different things. One is the land mass know as the United States of America and the other is the corporation know as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Its like that with all U.N. countries. This is because all of these counties fall under one law, UCC or Uniform Commercial Code. This law governs all commercial activities in all of these countries.

    How does this effect you? As I said, you where registered to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA or what ever country and upon this registration through your government a loan was taken out from the IMF and a corporation was created in a name that looks like yours but isn't, and then a bond was created in the amount of the loan in the same corporate name. If your name is John Doe then the name of the corporation would look like this JOHN DOE. This is what I call your slave name. The reason this loan and bond transaction has occurred is because your country is bankrupt. Your countries natural resource is human. You see This loan in the amount of approximately 1 million dollars was loaned to your government in exchange for you. Knowing that you would be a working taxpaying citizen and would be worth far more than the loan. Now you have been enslaved. You are now a debtor and you haven't even reached your first birthday yet.

    Look at all of your I.D. Its all in your slave name. There is a very good reason for this. This is what determines a courts Jurisdiction over you. If you Don't have a "legal name", how can they act upon you legally. You must research what is known as capatis demuitio maxima. Its and old roman way of knowing who the slaves where and nothing has changed since then.

    Did you know that the law used against you is in a different language. It sound like English but the words mean something very different. This is how the illusion works. In law the word "person" means corporation. This is how the slavery works. Every time you hear the word person you think it refers to you but it really refers to the corporation I mentioned earlier, the one that was created in your name JOHN DOE, just like your I.D. says. So you are a representative of this corporation and when ever you hear the word person it is this corporation it is referring to. So you agree to represent in there for you are responsible for it under the Law which can only effect you if you agree to represent this "person".

    I could go on for ever about this. I strongly recommend you do some research. There is a way out of slavery but you'll have to find your path. If I can recommend some documentaries to start with. Go to and search Robert Arther Menard Magnificent Deception, and Bursting Bubble of Government Deception, although he is Canadian what he teaches is good for any common law jurisdiction, U.S., Canada, and U.K. From there you can check out Intro to Your Human Rights, High Jacking Humanity
    and Zeitgeist Addendum.

    Good luck on your journey, mine is pretty exciting.

    Headless Man

    Sounds like a good story, but you could just go on welfare and be a willing slave, like so many have done.

    All of our masters keep us as slaves. And I don't mean the government, I mean the ones that own our countries and the governments. Democracy is an illusion. You only thing your free because your told so. Your not free, nobody is. Look around you...sure you can go outside when you want but that's about it. Look at all the restrictions imposed on you life. Anything you want to do you have to ask permission, and if that permission is not granted then you can't do it. If you do anyways then it's against the law and you suffer the consequences. This goes for anything from driving your car, building a shed, doing home renovations to your own house, growing certain plants and herbs, and even doing business is so heavily regulated. Notice that you can't start you own gambling type business. Why because of politics and monopoly.

    Every year some global event is staged, weather its in the middle east or right here at home. Once this event takes place, it always results in the expansion of Government and some of your freedoms and liberties are taken away. What does that tell you.

    Headless Man

    Tells me you don't know what a slave is.

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