Do we realy live in democracy here in the U.S. ??

    I feel that democracy is an illusion in the U.S.

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    We actually live in a Republic. In a true democracy, everyone gets one vote on every issue or law. Socrates, according to Plato, called Democracy mob action when it led to a majority going to war over the few who objected. Of course Greece fell to their arch enemies and Democracy had a black eye ever since.

    But in a Republic, we the majority, vote for representatives who vote for the good of all, but not necessarily who the majority want him or her to vote. For example, we attempt to find the best candidate who will try to keep the country safe, but we might not like how he does it.

    So the short answer is, NO, we do not live in a Democracy, Oligarchy, or anything else, but we do live "in a Republic, for which it stands, one nation, under God, individual, with liberty and justice for all."

    With political correctness coming first, NO we do not live in a democracy.

    No. Democracy is an illusion. You think you have rights but you don't. you have privileges. Your not free. Your only free to do what your told. Governments and their countries are controlled by bankers and investors, politicians controlled by corporations and the news you get is from the same people because they own all of the networks, So you can imagine how filtered and wash the information is that you receive.

    Besides who wants to live in a democratic society any ways. That just means that 49% of the people have to do what 51% want weather they like it or not.

    Did you know that the legal definition of "society" is "a group of people jointed together by mutual consent to determine and deliberate toward a common goal." Black's Law Dictionary 8th edition. How do you get mutual consent in a democracy? You don't. Should be called demockery

    Theoretically, in a true democracy, the people in any given constituency elect someone to represent and protect their interests,this has been shown on a huge number of occasions not to be the case;while the elected individuals loyalty is supposed to be to his or her constituents,in actual fact they really defer to the interests of their party,in fact the system is set up to make them do so,this means that if a piece of legislation is actually harmful to the interests of those that they represent they will still vote for, rather than against it, if it is in the interests of their party that they do so.
    In my opinion this makes party politics actually anti democratic.

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