i can not sleep when there is full moon

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    Lol. I hope you don't grow hair and sharp teeth. Otherwise we may need some silver bullets around here.



    if you can't find a reasonable answer,
    see a psychic :)
    i'm sure they have a lot of answers on full moons and stuff and how it can affect blah blah blah
    i believe in psychic healing too =]

    I sleep just fine.I think it's everybody else that can't sleep.By the way I sleep with my werewolf weapon beside me.

    ah yes.. definite energy changes. Many people have problems with full moons.. many ancient explanations. According to the Necronomicon, at different times of the day or certain alignments of planets/moons, our dimension collides with others according to the energies.. The ancient Sumerians worshipped the moon for this reason, the same reason people still worship 'elder gods', or demons.. it is linked with astrology and black magic.. there is a myriad of reason why people have trouble at night time, full moons, and why some people wake up at 3 or 3:30 AM.. the truth is subjective to reason.

    I have trouble sleeping during a full moon also. I think it is more to do with the amount of light entering my room than anything else. It is however a proven fact that moods are affected by the moon. I guess if it can raise the tide it may have a similar effect within our bodies?

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