what should you do with convicts what they get out of jail?

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    Not much you can do,just hope they have been rehabilitated and fit back into society.Hopefully they can find employment or take up a course,and try and better themselves.

    give em a chance they did their time, most are just looking for work and a chance to ease back into society. some need reabilition as well as a positive social structure, perhaps not all are reforned so i think it's best to protect your self physcialy as well as finanicaly. i would most certainly consider what they time for as well.

    i have a son who has been in prison for 15 yrs. for beating up a white man. i know when he gets out hes going to play hell out here. hes been in there so long he might not be able to make it out here.why does punishment for a crime more harsh for us than whites? the guy didnt even spend the night at a hospital and there were no weapons. so what gives? do you know that i am the one who has been doing the suffering. he went in when he was the one worried if hes being raped, beat up by the guards, which he has. do you know how my heart and soul feels? i doubt if he be ble to get anything when he gets out besides f***ed again.


    I am really sorry to hear your story. It certainly doesn't seem life is fair for some more than others.My dad was a jail minister and had a half way house for once the men were released. It seems a lot of them become institutionalized and being out is more a challenge than being in. I wish there were something to do to help your son.

    That does not seem fair, if he did not severely injure the man. If a white man had done the same thing to a black man, nothing would have happenend to the white man.How many years did they give him? and are you in the US?It could have been appealed right away.This is really disturbing. I am sorry for you and your son. Seems gross injustce by the judicial System. Please dont worry so much. He needs you when he gets out. Keep us up to date. God bless.

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