What to do about a new driveway that is flaking and pitting after 4-5 months?

    Contractors pass the buck to snow removal chemicals by the city even though the snow was cleaned off within half a day and owner used no chemicals.  Others say it is the fault of the concrete mix or the way it was worked.  The issue is what to do to truly correct the problems and who is responsible, the general contractor for the home improvements or the concrete company?

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    If I were you, I would ask your attorney to draw up a letter to the Contractor. He was after all, the one that hired the concrete company to pour the cement. It would be in his best interest to keep his customer (you) happy. If it's the fault of the concrete company, he will be the one responsible to pressure them into fixing the problem if they can, or he will have to himself in order to keep your payment and not have to return part of it for defective workmanship/products.

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