Back problem

    it's the spine operation safe to get rid of the pain. I have a mail disc problem but the pain is getting worse.
    Any advise on treatments will appreciate.

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    I have dealt with back and neck problems my entire life, in my experience and I have tried everything except surgery, I would highly recommend good food and exercise. Stretching the hamstrings and a good comfortable bed like a tempur-pedic or sleep number.

    Like stated above surgery should be a last ditch effort. Walking, stretching, core workouts and a healthy diet have helped me more than most other things. I have a few friends who have had the surgery and still have the pain and less mobility. If you give your body the right nutrition, exercise and time, it will heal on it own. The Gravity chairs are supposed to work well to, you know the table that you strap into that inverts? Good luck!!! Back pain can cripple a person and anyone who hasn't experienced it will never fully understand the kind of relentless pain it may cause a person. It is also linked to depression and then you have the meds, it can get ugly with all the medication. Let me cut it short here, best wishes.

    ....find a doctor you trust

    My ex husband went through a back surgery removing L4 and 5. The problem was not completely fixed but he was experiencing muscle atrophy in the leg ,as well as numbing of the toes, so it was necessary. The surgeons know what is going on and if recommended to have it done then that's what you need to do. The longer you have this issue the more permanent the damage could become.Look into your alternatives but sometimes it's all that you have if the problem does not fix itself. Hot cold packs alternating will help.Muscle relaxants as well as anti inflammatory pills can alleviate the pain. Try natural products first.When you have an injury the muscles will tense in the area creating more pain than the injury at times, hence the hot packs and relaxants, swelling is also an issue hence the cold pack and antinflamitory. Don't leave this for too professional advice.

    Surgery is such a last resort with years of problems afterwards..

    have you heard of Bowen Therapy ? it is a gentle and safe therapy and would be ideal for treating your back problems

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