The Ten Commandments

    Has anyone heard of the Ten Commandments and what they stand for ?

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    The Ten Commandments were established for the HEBREWS under the Old Covenant. They were done away with, along with the Old Covenant when Jesus went to the cross. Anyone who accepts Jesus as their Lord under the New Covenant now only has two commandments. Love God, and others.

    Not completely done away with, do you mean that the law was replaced by grace. Aren't we supposed to try to follow the commandments even though we are forgiven?

    Nope, the Abrahamic Covenant, the Mosaic Laws, and the Priesthood were all done away with under the New Covenant. Yes, we are under grace.
    Man did not change he only got worse so why would GOD do away with the ten Commandments.
    These where the first laws GOD gave to man. GOD gave his laws in a simple form so people who could not read can be easily taught these laws from someone who knew how to read. They also reinforced the teachings of the new and old testament and this is what I mean by it. If someone tries to misinterpret GOD's word for example from the holy book saying it is ok to kill. The ten commandments play a major role as a check list which states "Thy shall not kill". They play a major role preventing misinterpretations which makes it impossible for anyone to tamper with his word. The true word of GOD is the old and new testament that is all. The Koran has no ten commandments therefore it is not a book of GOD. They have there own commandments that have nothing to do with Jewish and Christian TEN COMMANDMENTS. The Korans teaching collide with the Ten Commandments. That's why the religion is caught up in so much turmoil with suicide bombings and preachings of hatred. At one time the Koran my have had the Ten commandments before the Turks tampered with it. Where do you think the 72 virgins in heaven came from. This was fabricated by the Turks during the ottoman's time in order to create a fierce fighting army. They were told if they fought and were victorious in battle that when they died they would receive virgins in heaven. Teachings like this are not GOD's word. This is why the Ten Commandments play the biggest role in GOD's teachings to man. The Jewish faith has the Mezuzah which contains the Ten Commandments which you will see on the door frame of Jewish homes. Every time they leave the home they touch it to remind them that when they go out into the world they are to follow GOD's Commandments.

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