Should amendments be made to our Consitution in some way to correct our failed govenment and restore power to the people? Any ideas?

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    We don't need to change the Constitution, we need lawmakers that will follow the Constitution.

    No, I agree with these guys, it's just another amendment that politicians will observe or ignor at their whim.  The only real solution is to get the people motivated to vote. We have an abysmal voting record in this country because people are politically lazy.  they respond emotionally instead of with reason. If we could ever get a highly motivated electorate I think that it would really throw the fear of god into washington.

    Outlaw lobbyist money/bribes of any kind and cut fed govt wages by 75%, dump any agency with 3 letters including the fed res bank. All changes to anything require 7/10 vote by regestered voters required to take part monday thru friday (10 states per day, non disclosure until final states vote) online after explaination in depth by independent experts on the subject (no need for congress/senate) War should require 9/10 vote. etc etc opinion wont change anyting so they're a couple of "my special ideas"  whoopee!  


    I'd support what ever it took to get the job done! Desperate measures for desperate times within the framework of our rights and responsibilities as citizens. Since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of corporations being able to donate to a party, our vote in unity means more than ever before. Thanks 4 the ideas.

    It seems they only pass laws that benefit themselves and not us, the people.That is why we are in the mess we are in. It is dirty politics as usual. Yes power schould be restored to people.

    In my opinion. Amendments would be just  treated like all other laws and regulations, people would just ride on loop holes and interuptations. Why do they (our govenment leaders) push laws with attchments and profit making deals, why not just do whats right for everybody, common sence, like for instance the seat belt law, why not solve the real problem, slow people down, make it harder to get and hold drivers licence. Dunk driving should not be treated like a source for revenue for local and state parties. If you have noticed with govenment and  private business nobody wants to do the work, they just push it down the ladder, until its a real problem then comes the finger pointing. Really we need to CLEAN house. Get people in there that really cares about our country and our people. God Bless our UNITED STATES!!!!!

    term limits and balanced budget would cure alot of our problems

    We are a government of the people. That has not changed at all. Not enough of us vote, not enough of us speak out and take the control that we assured n the constitution. Amendments, really? You want more laws? We the people, the first three words of our constitution. We the people, yep, we have the power, we just make bad choices and allow our representatives to remain and then replace them with people that have not got a clue. Amendments, no. Demands for a government to run properly and not as a a political ball game between parties is what we need. Republicans, democrats, Independents, and now that new one, what is it....of yeah, Tea Party. Seriously? How bout no parties at all? How about just men and women that want a better nation? How about people that care? Hey, I bet you take away those big fat salaries that our representatives earn and give them normal wages,  would get results that really make a difference. Let's see how many vacations they all take making $8.00 an hour, lets see how long they drive their big SUV's or limos if they have to buy their own gas at close to $4.00 a gallon (hell I wonder if any of them even know what a gallon of gas cost) 

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