Ow! Upper back aches. Butt aches. Upper arms ACHE, face hurt. You will say "Go to doctor." Problem there is he/she will send me to a specialist. And the specialist will do surgery. OMG. All I can do is sit here and moan.

    My pain comes and goes. I am fine now. I will have to stay off my fingers when pain hits next time.

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    We only want what's best for you itsmee. If you need to see the doctor, you should go. If he refers you to a specialist, you should go there too. If the specialist says you need surgery, please have it done. We want itsmee to be back here and healthy and full of fun, not miserable and aching all over.

    I am sorry you are in so much pain. Were you  diagnosed with some kind of illness? If you are in so much pain you schould be taking pain medicatiion until you see a .specialist., If you need surgery than you might need to get it done so you feel better. There is no reason to suffer that way. ,

    Why suffer pain ? If there is surgery to fix this problem,act upon it straight away.You will be glad you did when you become pain free.

    Sorry Itsmee to here you are in pain I think you should have the surgery at least you will no longer have pain just keep moaning at us we really dont  mind ! :)

    Sounds like fibro myalgia. I had that too, most of my adult life, but since I retired, I feel better. I suggest you go to a chiropractor. It helps . And take up walking and swimming. It's not strenuous if you do a little bit of it at a time.


    that's it, mcm

    Itsmee darlin'. Go have a nice hot bath & chill out for a while.Pour yourself a nice glass of sherry & just sit in the bath for a while.I bet you'll feel better.

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