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    Has ANY on field batsman or umpire EVER taken a comfort break?

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    Research this here ...


    If an umpire requires to leave the field of play outside of play time,there is always a third umpire on standby,Should an umpire get sick, hurt , or just need to go,,should a player need to leave the field,if it is a fieldsman,then he can be replaced by the 12th man,,if it is a batsman that needs that gets injured or sick or needs to go,,he can retire injured,and return to the batting crease at the fall of a wicket, I played cricket for over 15 years,,and i was a warehouse house umpire for 8 years and a QCA umpire for 2 years,so i know a little something about your question..i hope i have answered your question well enough for you to understand....Always nice talking>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<< 

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