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    Are more people turning back to the Old Gods and pagan beliefs ?

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    Yes, I'm one of them. Blessed Be!

    Maybe because of the studies of the universe are explaining to us that we all are made from stardust. Pagan belief goes back many centuries when man turned to the planets and the elements. There are many gods. Our churches are getting less people made up from elderly parishiners.


    I live in small agricultural Anglo Saxon town in the UK . Some of our churches have been sold off and some are now derelict. Lots of the residents past history go back to the Vikings. Our lifestyle revolves around agricultural calender of the year. The elements are very important to us to ensure a good harvest. It is the ploughman who feeds us all.


    <a href="/users/6751/dr_who/">@dr_who</a>, that is certainly your opinion, but None of the churches I've been to are like that. The Rock in San Diego, is almost all college age people. Depends on what church you've been to I suppose.

    yes good point, and I believe that witchcraft or Wiccan lifestyle is something being pushed on people to distort spiritual beliefs and truth.. just as black magic is making its way to the theater quite often nowadays.. but there is truth in everything nonetheless.



    Ms Sinclair

    No one is pushing Wiccan beliefs on anyone. One person's truth is another's lies. And so-called black magic is another thing entirely. Blessed be.


    Not being pushed no, it just has a lot of support.

    What makes you think that?

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