if you could dream of one thing for the rest of your life when you go to sleep,what would it be?

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    hehehee, that's kind of s scary; faced with a good looking lady every singlet time you want to sleep.

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    I sometimes have this beautiful dream, it's so awesome, beautiful, peaceful, calm dream that i would cry to have it back anytime, i just want to live in that dream forever and wouldn't mind not coming back to reality. it's so calm and vivid and everybody in my family are just on with their normal lives peacefully and dreamy, smiles everywhere, i would go running through the streets and everywhere i run to there ate pieces of papers that i pick up and when i take a look at them, they have writings and images drawn of my past school studies, then i'd pick them up and read them, pile them up in a folder, and i keep on picking more stuff like gemstones and seashells and add them to my collection. BUt the dream always ends when i find this really huge tunnel and i want to go in but it ends,

    and that's the reality for us, no matter how nice the dream is, it always ends, it always ends and there you are faced with reality again.

    Anything that has to do with happiness and peace and kindness. I can't imagine having any other dream forever. What would be the reason?


    hhmmm maybe you just havn't yet dreamt of something really great that'd you want to dream it forever.

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